Celebrations to cheer the children

Season 2, Ep. 7

Amy Pettigrew is one of our most active moderators, keeping members up to date with various discussions on the Square Circle Forum and regularly overseeing Knit-a-Square’s monthly themes. In this episode she joins Leanne from her picturesque home in Houston, Texas to chat about crocheting and her busy online role.

We hear about the first trip she made to South Africa and how it exposed her to the needs of the children. Memories of that trip continually serve to remind her of what she can do to help. With enthusiasm and curiosity, she dreams up monthly themes that motivate and excite our members. The May monthly theme entitled “Celebrations” is an invitation for knitters and crocheters everywhere to jump on board, learn about South Africa’s unique festivals, and contribute beautiful squares for inclusion into warm, colourful blankets.

Show host: Leanne Hunt.

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Theme music: "Mr. Sunny Face" by Wayne Jones. [YouTube Audio Library] © Creative Commons Licence.

Production and editing: Natali Williams, LIME Virtual Business Support.

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