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Episode 165 - Delta Lake, Power BI news, Swedish datacenters, Azure networking news

In this episode, Alexander and Heini talk about Delta Lake, the newly opened Swedish Azure datacenters, a bunch of news in Azure, and finally several updates to Power BI.

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  • Episode 229

    In this episode, Heini and Alexander sift through some of the news that are still floating around after the chaos that was Microsoft Build. Heini takes a look at Azure API Management updates, new features with Event Hubs, and tnew capabilities and a new pricing structure for Stream Analytics, and Alexander, true to form, goes bananas over the Power BI May Update, as well as discuss Microsoft Fabric.
  • Episode 228

    In this second of two Microsoft Build specials, the trio talk about the news from Microsoft Build that was NOT data related. Covered are features like Copilot all the things, the Dev Home offering, a bunch of container news, as well as GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps!
  • Episode 227

    In this first of two Microsoft Build specials, the trio talk about the data related news from Microsoft Build. Covered are features like Microsoft Fabric, Copilot in Power BI, the OneLake, and the git integration with Power BI Desktop!
  • Episode 226

    In this episode, recorded on the Power BI Cruise, Alexander talks to Jeroen ter Heerdt, a product manager on the Power BI product!
  • Episode 225

    In this news episode, the trio cover news from Microsoft and Windows 365, the new OneDrive experience, adding Power BI to Jupyter notebooks, editing Power BI models in the service, finding a bug in Synapse Spark, Azure Cold Storage, Databricks Serverless SQL and Azure container news!
  • Episode 224

    In this focus episode, Heini talk to Simon about Agile and Scrum. They both have opinions.
  • Episode 223

    In this episode, Heini and Simon talk about new Azure App Service plans, AKS updates, new offerings with Azure Container Apps, retiring Azure services, SSO for Azure AD on iOS/macOS, what's new in Intune and Windows LAPS in preview.Oh, and the captain was Danish.
  • Episode 222

    In this focus episode, Simon hosts a discussion on Microsoft Intune Suite - what it is, who it is for, and where it fits into the partner ecosystem.
  • Episode 221

    In this episode with the new 30+30 format, the trio are all about news. Covered in this episode is Windows 365 Frontline, ConfigMgr, Power BI TMDL preview, Deployment Pipelines improvements, essential Spark tips for data engineering, DDoS protection improvements and the private application gateway v2.