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King of the Road

Three Billboards Outside Fulham Broadway

Charlie Skillen joins Rory to find out what is going wrong at Chelsea and exactly when Antonio Conte is getting sacked. Also they talk about the Oscar nominations, Rory's secret love of West Ham United and Charlie's love of musicals.

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  • From Tel Aviv to Stamford Bridge and All That's In Between

    A long awaited catch up with Ben Rebuck. The Chelsea fan who moved to Israel is back in London and is moving to West Hampstead. We get his views on the imminent sacking of Antonio Conte, the beauty North West London and the perils of being an away fan in the home end...
  • I Wouldn't Join A Club That Would Have Me As A Member

    Rory and Charlie talk about the significance of London derbies, the pros and cons of private members clubs and why Charlie Skillen is now big in Japan...
  • Ronaldo and a Ray of Light

    King of the Road is back as Rory and Charlie Skillen talk on a sad day for all Chelsea fans - the passing of club legend Ray Wilkins. It comes in a miserable week which saw Tottenham win at Stamford Bridge for the first time since these two were in nappies. Plus Ronaldo's overhead kick, Twitter bashings and much more besides...
  • Only Fools And Horses Work

    From Liam Gallagher in Barcelona to the high rise heroes of London. We talk about Chelsea, Barcelona, Oasis, Liam Gallagher, pizza restaurants, Friends and Only Fools and Horses...
  • It Was Acceptable In The 90's...

    From the brilliance of Ruud Gullit to the romance of John Spencer...We talk through football, fashion, fan media and why the 12" version of Alexander O'Neal's Criticise is the only version worth listening to...
  • New year, new lips...with Sophie Rose

    We're back! Sophie and Rory talk about their new year's celebrations, Conte Vs Mourinho, CFC Fan TV and Sophie's impending trip to Las Vegas.
  • Football, London and Laurence McKenna

    This week Rory is joined by Laurence McKenna. They talk about meeting Antonio Conte, Laurence's podcast, the brilliance of Mohammed Salah and the beauty of London living...
  • Over Land and Sea...And Leicester!

    The boys from the London Is Blue podcast are in town. So it made sense to get them into the studio to have a chat about our Champions League aspirations, the brilliance of Eden Hazard and supporting Chelsea from the United States.