cover art for KOKO Show’s Hong Kong Extravaganza with Carter, Matfield, Burger, Caslick, Levi, Hooper & Vermeulen.

Kick Offs and Kick Ons

KOKO Show’s Hong Kong Extravaganza with Carter, Matfield, Burger, Caslick, Levi, Hooper & Vermeulen.

Season 1, Ep. 11

As promised, the KOKO Crew took on the Hong Kong Sevens and some may say we lost, but we maintain the dragon is slain. Thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Cathay Pacific and Ovolo Hotels for giving the show an experience of a lifetime, we went to the Sha Tin Racecourse, saw the city lights on a Aqua Luna Junk Boat, enjoyed some delicious food at the Stanley Street Dai Pai Dong, took in the views from The Peak and drank in all the red hot rugby action from the 10s and the 7s.

With the Hong Kong Sevens being one of rugby’s Meccas we were inundated with hall-of-fame guests including Dan Carter, Victor Matfield, Schalk Burger and Duane Vermeulen. Plus, we also jagged a few current superstars Maddi Levi, Charlotte Caslick and Michael Hooper throughout the course of the weekend for a chat.

This show is cover to cover action, laughs and a smattering of debauchery, as the lads tackled the Vertical City. To cap off the show we have delivered a second instalment of ‘KOKO Carnage’ that will leave our Melbourne adventure in its wake.

So please sit back, relax and pour yourself a stiff drink, as this will leave your nerve endings fried.

We present the life and times of Holiday Swoop featuring the KOKO Crew, it’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.




















01:02:33 - JUNK BOAT TOUR


01:07:41 - FRIDAY @ HONG KONG 7s




01:18:01 - VISIT THE PEAK


01:21:13 - HEADING HOME



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  • 20. Simon Zebo Joins The KOKO Show to Talk Footy, Retirement and Everything In Between

    This week on The KOKO Show we deliver you an episode with a Royal seal of disapproval, full of finals footy, funny yarns and a sensational guest. As part of our NHL’s segment this week we bring you all the action from the Gallagher Premiership Final between the Saints and Bath, but to cap it off we bring you some serious style from the Emerald Isle. This guest is slick, quick and we are pretty sure has bever been called a dick. He can sing, he can dance and boy can he play footy, this fella is the definition of triple threat. So, please welcome the crack-up from Cork, the Baron of Blackrock and the madman from Munster, the one and only Mr Simon Zebo.In other news, the KOKO Crew dismantles the Super(b) Rugby Quarter Finals, whilst also preparing you for the Semis, we allow Biv to get a little bee out of his bonnet in ‘What's Drewing?’ and thanks to BeefEater and AppliancesOnline we drop you cheeky devils some ‘Super Sizzler’ action in the Rugby Roundup.Finally and most importantly, we get the lads to spruce up, look fresh and get on the ‘Ab-Blaster 5000’ for another stylish yet svelte serving of ‘Match Fit’, brought to you by our headline sponsor Polo Ralph Lauren and in partnership with MYER.So sit up straight and suck in your core you lazy pricks, as we dish up a Royal inspired footy feast for your eyes and ears and trust us we SPARE no one. Ladies and Gents, it’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Start of the show 01:05 - Polo Ralph Lauren plug 01:40 - Introduce the show 03:33 - Introduce the boys 05:28 - The KOKO Show health check and San Diego Legion update 09:43 - Match Fit Segment 15:56 - Social plug 16:51 - New website plug and update18:16 - Social Snitches 25:35 - Rugby Roundup Segment39:49 - What's Drewing?41:42 - Super(b) Rugby semi-finals preview45:22 - ‘Super Sizzler’ brought to you by BeefEater and AppliancesOnline50:39 - ‘Northern Hemisphere Legends’ - Gallagher Premiership Final54:42 - ‘Northern Hemisphere Legends’ - Simon Zebo introduction 57:44 - Simon Zebo on his retirement59:32 - Simon Zebo on the Irish tax system 01:00:49 - Who got Zebo on the show?01:01:38 - Could Zebo come out of retirement and Gits’ COSMO questions01:04:24 - Zebo on the South Africa v Ireland debate01:06:07 - Simon Zebo on Joe Schmidt 01:07:47 - Zebo on playing in France01:09:24 - Zebo on Mack Hansen in Ireland01:10:43 - Zebo on the URC semi-finals 01:12:40 - Start one, bench one and drop one01:14:41 - The KOKO Quiz01:24:31 - Socials and new website plug01:25:32 - The KOKO Live Show and Polo Ralph Lauren plug01:26:29 - Close of the showBig thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren for their support and remember you can buy everything you saw on the show from you local MYER or online - YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - www.kickoffsandkickons.comMake sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 19. The KOKO Show Unveils the Winner of the Much Coveted ‘Debate the Top Eight’ Title.

    On this week's dose of extra KOKO content we crown the winner of the ‘Debate the Top Eight’ competition.Four weeks ago the lads laid out their predictions of the final eight teams left in the Suber(b) Rugby Playoffs and now the results are in, and not unlike an episode of The Jerry Springer show two of the boys will be told “you are not the winner”.Through a myriad of complex algorithms and Mensa level math, our team of number crunching boffins have come to the conclusion there is only one daddy of the ‘Debate the Top Eight’ title.So sit on the edge of your futon, throw on your UGGs and chew your nails down to the quick, as we go through the results to crown The KOKO Champion. 
  • 19. Ali Williams and Harry Wilson join The KOKO Show for a Raucous Rugby Roundtable

    This week on The KOKO Show the lads bring you two legendary rugby guests, one from yesteryear and the other currently doing his thing in the world of footy. Our first guest that joined us live in the studio is a long streak of pelican you know what, one of the greatest Kiwi players of all time and for over ten years was a real pain in the Wallabies’ butts. He is the know-it-all from the North Island, New Zealand's lanky lineout lothario and he is the man that got bail after one too many an ale, it is the one and only Mr Ali Williams.It has always been this show's mission statement, what is better than one big bastard? That's right, two massive bastards.So, all the way from the Queensland Reds inner sanctum we bring you the Gunnedah Goliath, one half of the ‘Brisbane Bash Brothers’ and a man that has more try assists than hairs on his head, it is of course Mr Harry ‘the future’ Wilson.We know what you are thinking, what else can these pricks pack into one show? Alas, not only do we shower you with wagyu grade talent, we serve up a full Rugby Roundup, a smattering of news from north of the invisible line and we preview the Super(b) Rugby Quarter-Finals.Last, but certainly the most important, thanks to our new headline sponsor Polo Ralph Lauren brought to us by MYER we get the lads and their sloppy rigs to hit the catwalk for another edition of our new and very dapper segment ‘Match Fit’.So sit back and relax, slip into your favourite preppy yet sporty fit, adorn your shoulders with a glorious knit and tune into KOKO as we talk footy and shit. It’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.
  • 18. Former English International Alex Corbisiero Sits Down with Matt Giteau for ‘Bits with Gits’.

    This week The KOKO Show’s extra content comes in the form of a sit down interview between roommates.That's right all the way from San Diego we have a new little segment entitled ‘Bits with Gits'. Matt ‘Goitan’ Giteau sits down with Former English frontrower, emerging grime rapper and one of the Legion’s assistant coaches, Mr Alex Corbisiero.We know what you are thinking, what do a fly half and prop talk about when stuck in a studio together, just watch as we unearth the perfect odd couple. They chinwag about Corb’s career, his musical prowess, the art of scrummaging and there are some COSMO questions to round it out. So put up your hammock, kick off your flip flops and fix yourself a spicy marg, get ready for the first, but certainly not the last installment of ‘Bits with Gits’.Big thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren for their support and remember you can buy everything you saw on the show from you local MYER or online - YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 18. Quade Cooper Dazzles The KOKO Show with his Zen Master Ways

    This week on the KOKO show we are proud to announce our new headline sponsor Polo Ralph Lauren in connection with our dear friends at MYER. With the lights burning bright on the show we are now able to afford some A-grade guests, so this week we have lined up an absolute cracker. This man is one of Aussie Rugby’s most exciting players, with footwork and ball skills that leave opposing players tied up like German soft pretzels. He burst onto the scene in the mid 2000’s as the prodigy to end all prodigies, and boy he didn’t disappoint. That is right, this week we are joined by Brissy’s boxing bad boy, the quick, the quiet and the quirky, Mr Quade Cooper.Plus, with Polo Ralph Lauren as our new sponsor we are rolling out a brand new segment called ‘Match Fit’, where we break down the boy’s looks for the show and have a deep dive into their aesthetic choices and fashion forward vibes. We also deliver all the fan favourites, as we unpack the penultimate round of the Super(b) Rugby regular season, we debrief on another disappointing Wallaroos showing, we have a ‘Social Snitches’ that turns back time and finally we give some love to our Northern Hemisphere legends after an epic Champions Cup Final. We are the gift that can now give more, as we have a true blue chip headline sponsor to back our shenanigans, so sit back relax and ask yourself the age old question “Do you think I can rock a turtleneck sweater this winter?” It’s now time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.   TIMESTAMPS:00:00 - START OF THE SHOW00:16 - HEADLINE SPONSOR ANNOUNCEMENT01:19 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS 04:24 - HEALTH CHECK WITH THE BOYS 06:55 - SWOOP’S PACKING POSITANO’S PEBBLES08:48 - DREW FLYING ON A PRIVATE JET 10:31 - SAN DIEGO LEGION UPDATE 12:38 - ‘MATCH FIT’ BROUGHT TO YOU BY POLO RALPH LAUREN 16:03 - SOCIAL SNITCHES 21:09 - RUGBY ROUNDUP SEGMENT 24:08 - ADDING TOM WRIGHT TO THE HALFWAY WALLABIES XV31:13 - ADDING THE JUNKYARD DOG TO THE HALFWAY WALLABIES XV36:57 - SUPER SIZZLERS BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER 41:07 - WALLAROOS V BLACK FERNS DEBRIEF 43:04 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS SEGMENT 52:18 - INTRODUCE QUADE COOPER 55:48 - QUADE TALKING ABOUT JAPAN AND THE SEASON JUST GONE 58:20 - QUADE ON PLAYING WITH WILL GENIA AGAIN 59:00 - QUADE ON JAPAN RUGBY GROWING THE GAME01:02:59 - PROF ASKING QUADE ABOUT LIFE IN JAPAN AND THE ONSEN CULTURE01:06:50 - QUADE ON HIS RUGBY FUTURE 01:07:50 - QUADE ON LEARNING TO LOVE TRAINING 01:11:33 - QUADE ON MISSING THE RWC AND WALLABIES FUTURE 01:14:07 - QUADE ON THE IMPORTANCE OF SENIOR PLAYERS IN A SQUAD 01:17:06 - WHICH YOUNG 10 WOULD QUADE PICK FOR THE WALLABIES? 01:18:24 - START ONE, BENCH ONE AND DROP ONE - THE QUADE EDITION01:24:50 - THE KOKO QUIZ WITH QUADE COOPER 01:35:34 - QUADE ON HIS LOVE OF CLOTHES AND HIS BRAND SHOSAI 01:36:57 - PROF ASKS THE BOYS IF THEY THINK QUADE WILL BE IN THE WALLABIES 01:37:12 - POLO RALPH LAUREN PLUG01:39:09 - FAREWELLS AND CLOSE OF THE SHOW Big thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren for their support and remember you can buy everything you saw on the show from you local MYER or online - YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 17. BONUS CONTENT! Prof’s Pick And Lets Effing Go with Drew 'Biv' Mitchell

    We want more! We want more! Ok we heard you, you crazy bastards. So this week we are debuting some extra content for you KOKO Show loving truffle pigs.We present ‘Prof’s Pick And Let’s Effing Go’ and this week Prof sits down with our very own Drew Mitchell to get into all the nooks and crannies of what was a glittering single ‘g’ career.In this segment we get to peek behind the curtain and into the beautiful mind and footy history of one of Aussie rugby’s best blokes and greatest players.So please sit back, take your 6pm No-Doz and wash it down with a stiff rumbo and cola as you enjoy a little extra KOKO lovin’. It’s time for Prof’s Pick And Let's Effing Go’.  
  • 17. Holiday Swoop Joins The KOKO Show from Positano in a No Guest Nonsense Episode

    This week on The KOKO Show we are coming to you from all corners of the globe, Prof and Biv are in the studio in Sydney, Gits is lighting it up in San Diego and Holiday Swoop is bringing the heat all the way from Positano in Italy.Much like a sunset kissing the top of an Amalfi village, this episode will make you feel things in the deepest and darkest corners of your pleasure department. Without a guest this week we welcome you inside the KOKO Dojo of Chaotic Mojo for some serious laughs and hardcore banter.We break down all things Super(b) Rugby in the ‘Rugby Roundup Segment’, the lads serve you up a beautifully al dente ‘Northern Hemisphere Legends’ segment and there is of course a signature slice of ‘Social Snitches'.For all you massive rugby nerds in the ‘KOKO-sphere’ the boys give you their hot-takes on the new law changes coming into the game in July, as we give you a very comprehensive dose of ‘What's Drewing?’To finish the show we give you the fight you have all been waiting for, so throw out Fury v Usyk and disregard Ali v Frazier, as we present Tommy v Hugo in the Powerhouse Production Knee Wrestle of the Century.So please sit back and enjoy this limoncello fueled mechanical bull ride of a show with some fava beans and a bottle of Chianti, because it is time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.TIMESTAMPS:00:00 - INTROS07:58 - SETTING UP THE FIGHT BETWEEN HUGO AND TOM12:37 - MERCH PLUG13:05 - SOCIALS PLUG13:41 - WHAT IS GITS LIKE POST LOSS 14:20 - SOCIAL SNITCHES16:30 - 2010 BARBARIANS FOLLOW UP STORY23:18 - RUGBY ROUND UP SEGMENT43:05 - ITALIAN GOD SALVETORE MAKES A CAMEO WITH SWOOP48:36 - SUPER SIZZLER BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER ( - WHAT'S DREWING? SEGMENT - THE NEW RUGBY LAWS01:07:40 - WALLAROOS V USA INTERNATIONAL REVIEW01:08:37 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS 01:11:10 - TEASING OUR NEW KOKO WEBSITE COMING SOON!01:13:51 - MERCH/SOCIAL PLUG 01:14:11 - THE PRODUCER FIGHT01:18:03 - GOODBYES AND CLOSE OF THE SHOWBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 16. Ma’a Nonu is the Larger than Life Centre of attention this week on The KOKO Show

    This week on The KOKO Show the lads go wall to wall footy with a couple of cheeky yarns sprinkled into the mix. We deliver a comprehensive ‘Rugby Roundup’ segment unpacking and unfurling Round 12 of the Super(b) Rugby, illuminating the teams that are in the hunt for glory and the others that can start preparing for a debaucherous Mad Monday.With this in mind the lads don their outdoor aprons armed with their lucky tongs and serve you guys a smokey and saucy selection of ‘Super Sizzlers’, thanks to our friends at BeefEater and AppliancesOnline. We also dive into the unfortunate result for the Wallaroos in their first test match of the year, as they went down to the maple syrup crushing Canadians in Sydney.However, this week our piste de resistance is currently considered a ‘Northern Hemisphere Legend’, but really is a Southern Hemi Sensation. This man is widely considered as one of the greatest centres the rugby world has ever seen, a man so bold he refuses to get old, with nicknames like ‘The Tank’ and ‘The Rock’ opposing player often felt liquid filling their sock. This man is a gentleman and a scholar so please stand up and holla, yes of course, it is the one and only Mr Ma’a Nonu.So sit back, get yourself a plate with all the fixings and slip into your Sunday best as we spread another ‘Two-Time’ RWC champ across your soundwaves. That's right, it’s time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.TIMECODES:00:00 - HELLO AND WELCOME01:58 - INTRODUCE THE BOYS / HOW WERE THE WEEKENDS 04:20 - DREW PLAYING IN AN ADF RUGBY MATCH WITH FAMILY10:58 - MERCHANDISE AND SOCIAL PLUGS11:58 - INTRODUCE MA’A NONU14:31 - THE LEGION WERE DISAPPOINTED THAT GITS CAME AND THEN LEFT16:22 - WHAT DID GITS AND MA’A DO IN THE BYE WEEK17:37 - MA’A RANKS THE TOUGHEST CLUB LEAGUES IN THE WORLD22:10 - MA’A TALKING ABOUT PLAYING WITH JONAH 26:23 - MA’A PLAYING WITH DREW AND GITS IN TOULON29:29 - TALKING ABOUT MA’A’S INTERNATIONAL CAREERALL FOUR BOYS PLAYING FOR THE BARBARIANS TOGETHER 34:58 - 2015 WORLD CUP FINAL CHAT NZ V AUSTRALIA 40:20 - START ONE, BENCH ON AND DROP ONE WITH MA’A 41:13 - SOCIAL SNITCHES44:16 - THE KOKO QUIZ WITH MA’A52:13 - NORTHERN HEMISPHERE LEGENDS57:23 - RUGBY ROUND UP SEGMENT01:14:14 - SUPER SIZZLER SEGMENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY BEEFEATER01:19:51 - WHAT’S DREWING?01:23:20 - WALLAROOS V CANADA REVIEW01:25:30 - GOODBYES AND SOCIAL/MERCH PLUGSBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us
  • 15. Cheslin Kolbe chats to the KOKO Show about Winning World Cups and What Wingers really do.

    This time around on The KOKO Show the boys have a special treat with an all-time Northern Hemisphere Legend and Springbok speedster, a man with fast feet and an even faster car collection. You better bloody believe it, we chat to the king of the Cape and a hero in headgear Mr Cheslin Kolbe.The boys also dish out an all you can eat serving of the Rugby Roundup, topped with an extra spicy Suber(b) Sizzler garnish thanks to our mates at BeefEater and AppliancesOnline. We then round out this mouth watering walk through the rugby world with a couple of new segments entitled ‘What’s Drewing?’ and the boys ‘Debate the Top Eight.’So sit back, relax and drink in the serenity as we go on a footy safari to see ‘The Big Five’ loose units in their natural habitat. We beg you to be chipper for Cheslin, fabulous for footy, nuts about the North and hit a long smoko for KOKO. It's time for Kick Offs and Kick Ons.00:00 - Intro04:10 - Merchandise available!05:17 - Social Snitches - Swoop in 201907:21 - Northern Hemisphere Legends08:51 - CHESLIN KOLBE!10:51 - Cheslin playing in Japan12:10 - Cheslin PLaying with All Black Captain Sam Cane18:29-  Beating the All Blacks in the RWC Final26:15 - Cheslin on THAT Charge down31:42 - Start one, Bench one, Drop One34:40 - The Springbok Quiz43:47 - NHL’s Continues 44:15 - MLR - San Diego vs Dallas48:45 - Toulouse v Harlequins48:37 - Leinster v Northampton50:31 - Rugby Round Up51:00 - Hurricanes v Waratahs53:31 - Blues v Rebels54:39 - Highlanders v Moana56:37 - Crusaders v Reds58:57 - Chiefs v Force59:32 - Brumbies v Drua01:02:02 - Super Sizzler brought to you by BeefEater01:07:32 - What’s Drewing?01:14:55 - Debate the top 801:23:10 - Wallaroos SquadBUY YOUR KOKO MERCHANDISE RIGHT NOW - sure you follow us on all socials:INSTA: @kickoffskickons TWITTER/X: @kickoffskickons YOUTUBE: @kickoffsandkickons TIKTOK: @kickoffskickons If you do want to talk about sponsorship or anything business related then please do get in touch with us