Keys To The Kingdom

A peek behind the curtain of the world’s greatest theme parks

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  • Introducing Keys to the Kingdom

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to work as a beloved theme park princess? To toil a full day in the sun, dressed head-to-toe in a fuzzy costume? To be stalked by obsessed and sometimes crazed fans? Hosted by Amanda Lund and Matt Gourley and with first-hand accounts by a diverse gathering of characters, actors, and entertainers, Keys to the Kingdom reveals what it's like to step out into the magical world of make-believe and into the hard-reality of the theme park performer lifestyle.

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  • 1. Operation Petticoat

    What is it like to don the silken glove, sparkling tiara, and massive cultural burden of the world's most beloved princesses? Former theme park princess Amanda Lund and former theme park performer Matt Gourley sit down to speak with a diverse collection of past and present princesses, culture experts, and one very sad prince. Guests include Deep Skirt, Ruby Rose, Kristen Meinzer, Jessica Lesaca, and Epaulette Babe.
  • Bonus • Operation Petticoat

    Matt and Amanda share never-before-heard stories and interviews about theme park princess as well as discuss the genesis of the Keys to the Kingdom.
  • 2. The Good, the Bad, and the Fuzzy

    The theme park fuzzy. Costumed head-to-toe in a fur-covered, foam-lined, portable sweat lodge. Why do they do it? For money? For honor? Matt and Amanda seek to find out as they talk to a menagerie of chipmunks, donkeys, and of course, mice. Guests include White Glove 1, White Glove 2, Scott Aukerman, Jeff B. Davis, and Space Ranger.
  • Bonus • The Good, The Bad, And The Fuzzy

    Let's get fuzzy! Matt and Amanda talk about the long, grueling development process of Keys to the Kingdom as well as present numerous bonus interviews with those intrepid theme park workers who played your favorite fuzzies.
  • 3. Breaking the Rules

    What about those rare theme park employees and guests that don't dutifully follow the rules? On this episode of Keys to the Kingdom, we're talking with the bad boys, the rebels, the wayward fuzzies and the defiant fans that stand up to the system despite the consequences. Guests include Nader Shokair, Rebecca Lumianski, Jeff B. Davis, Maria Blasucci, Sona Movsesian, Mark Felt, and Drew McWeeny.
  • Bonus • Breaking the Rules

    In the tightly-wound theme park workplace, what does it take to make a fuzzy finally snap? Matt and Amanda aim to find out as they salute the rebels, the rule-breakers, and the bad boys and girls of the amusement park circuit.