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Episode 81 | Robert Greenway

Retired Special Forces Officer, career public servant, and principal architect of the historic Abraham Accords, Robert Greenway, joins Kevin to discuss conservative national defense priorities.

Now serving as director of Heritage’s Center for National Defense, Robert lays out his vision to ensure military readiness and promote American strength on the world stage and security here at home.

Greenway brings decades of experience in combat, military intelligence, national security, and diplomacy to his new role. Greenway previously served as deputy assistant to the president and senior director on the National Security Council under President Donald Trump. Greenway joined Heritage immediately after working as an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute and president and executive director of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute.

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  • #93 | Baroness Philippa Stroud

    Baroness Phillippa Stroud's unexpected segue into politics originated from her early career aiding addicts and the homeless in Hong Kong. Through this hands-on experience, she discerned the interconnection between individual struggles and broader political contexts. Philippa joins Kevin in a conversation about how to advocate for a symbiotic US-UK effort, fostering conducive environments for genuine human flourishing. Alongside Dr. Jordan Peterson, Baroness Philippa Stroud is co-founder and CEO of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC), an international forum dedicated to providing a new collaborative vision for improving global societies. She is a Member of the House of Lords, and Chair of the Social Metrics Commission. Prior to this, she was the CEO of the Legatum Institute and Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the Centre for Social Justice. She served as Special Adviser to the Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP from 2010-15 and also to the Prime Minister from 2012-2015.
  • #92 | Rep. Scott Perry

    In today's American landscape, challenges both internal and external loom large, long neglected by the ruling elite. Representative Scott Perry, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus joins Kevin for a discussion on charting a path to revive the nation. Perry shares invaluable insights from his own journey, revealing how a new generation of steadfast conservatives can reignite America's vigor—from the corridors of power to grassroots initiatives—revitalizing the country from within and beyond. Representative Perry is the grandson of Colombian immigrants, and the son of a single mom who fled abuse and worked several jobs to survive and support her children. Scott and his family were on public assistance for several years during his youth. He was raised in a spartan home; his family went for several years with no electricity or plumbing. He worked as a fruit picker, mechanic, dock worker, draftsman, and licensed insurance agent among other jobs. In 1980, he joined the Army National Guard as a helicopter pilot, where he flew 44 combat missions and certified in almost every helicopter in the Army inventory. He served for almost 40 years, retiring in 2019 with the rank of Brigadier General. He was elected to Congress in 2013. 
  • #91 | A Season of Gratitude | Thanksgiving Special

    Heritage’s Chris DeMuth, Brenda Hafera, Delano Squires, Richard Stern, Bridget Weisenberger, Sarah Feldpausch, and Philip Reynolds join Kevin for a special Thanksgiving episode of “The Kevin Roberts Show.”
  • #90 | Governor Kim Reynolds

    Just two years ago, not a single state had universal school choice. Today, nine do. To understand how groundbreaking this education renaissance is, just look at the state of Iowa. Gov. Kim Reynolds (R-IA) began 2023 by signing into law the Students First Act , which allows all Iowa families to receive funds in an education savings account, or ESA, to attend the school of their choice. But Reynolds didn’t stop at school choice, either. She also signed into law a common-sense parental rights bill, SF 496 , that prohibits instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools in grades K-6 and prohibits school libraries from stocking sexually explicit materials. The law also requires libraries to post their card catalogs online for the sake of transparency. These groundbreaking reforms have earned the Hawkeye State the Heritage Foundation’s 2023 Education Freedom Award. Join Kevin and Gov. Reynolds as they explore the pivotal role of school choice in revitalizing education systems, amplifying parental autonomy, and breaking free from conventional educational norms. Tune in as they discuss the paradigm shift towards empowering families in shaping their children's educational journey and the nationwide implications of this bold movement towards education freedom.
  • #89 | Riley Gaines

    Women’s sports are under attack. No one knows this better than Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, a twelve-time NCAA All-American and five-time SEC Champion, who spoke out after tying with Lia Thomas, a male, at the NCAA Championships. Riley joins Kevin to share her story and why she believes that allowing male-bodied athletes to participate in women’s competitions will destroy the integrity of women’s sports and leave women vulnerable. Riley is now working with the Independent Womens Forum, driving real and lasting change. She's actively involved in legally defining 'woman,' safeguarding Title IX, and preserving women's rights to single-sex spaces and equal opportunities. Her commitment and courage make her a beacon of hope for women in the fight against this injustice.
  • #88 | Catholics Against Antisemitism | Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts

    On October 7th, the world was left stunned by reports of Hamas' brutal terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. However, at the very moment when Americans should have rallied around our Jewish allies, our country has experienced a radical rise in vocal antisemitism, especially on college campuses. Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts joined the Philos Project and the Franciscan University of Steubenville to launch a new coalition: Catholics Against Antisemitism. Tune in as Kevin discusses the responsibility that Christians have to fight antisemitism in American life. The fight against antisemitism is part and parcel of the revitalization of our institutional life along the lines of American ordered liberty, a tradition that has respected religious freedom and protected the security of religious minorities since its inception.
  • #87 | Mark Rienzi

    Every good citizen should come to understand religious liberty. Not just lawyers, not just people who want to go fight about it—fundamentally, it's a core part of the American commitment. What does it look like to be “on offense” for religious liberty? From battling foster care shutdowns and COVID-era mandates to preserving parental rights in education, Mark Rienzi, president and CEO of The Becket Fund, joins Kevin to discuss the everyday ramifications for religious liberty lawsuits. Mark Rienzi is the president and CEO of The Becket Fund and a Professor of Law at the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, where he is co-director of the Center for Religious Liberty and has served as a Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He teaches constitutional law, religious liberty, and evidence, and has been voted Teacher of the Year three times by the Law School’s Student Bar Association. With the team at Becket, Mark has litigated and won an uninterrupted string of important First Amendment cases at the U.S. Supreme Court including Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC (2012), Little Sisters of the Poor (2013), McCullen v. Coakley (2014), Hobby Lobby (2014), Wheaton College (2014), Holt v. Hobbs (2015), Zubik v. Burwell (2016), Our Lady of Guadalupe (2020), Little Sisters of the Poor (2020), Diocese of Brooklyn/Agudath Israel (2020), and Fulton v. Philadelphia (2021).
  • Episode 86 | Liz Wheeler

    When it comes to the Left’s desire to control American kids, institutions, and government, “expect escalation,” Liz Wheeler writes in her new book, “Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America's Kids.” There is no denying the disastrous result of pandemic policies that shut down America and pushed kids out of the classroom—the latest ACT and NAEP results underscore the crisis. Millions of American parents have discovered that their school systems, which were failing to teach students even basic math and literacy skills, happily took precious class time to preach that America is systemically racist or to propagate the latest nonsensical gender theories. Liz Wheeler, host of The Liz Wheeler Show, joins Kevin to talk about how education in America reached this point and how to fight back. Liz is unapologetically one of the conservative movement’s boldest voices. In Politico’s words, Liz is a “titan” of media. A frequent target of the radical Left and the phony fact-checkers, Liz is undeterred—maybe even energized. As the host of The Liz Wheeler Show, Liz is a voice of reason and reality for millions of Americans as she guides them through the most controversial stories of the day. Liz is passionate about exposing corruption and calling out the so-called “experts.” She is rigorous in her research and committed to her faith. Her drive to relentlessly defend against the radical leftist takeover of our culture is born of a desire to see properly ordered society thrive in America once again—a society that values God over government, freedom over convenience, and individual liberty over victimhood and identity politics.
  • Episode 85 | Jeff Anderson

    From draconian COVID policies to the woke infiltration of our most vital institutions, the administrative state has destroyed the heart of democracy. President of The American Main Street Initiative, Dr. Jeff Anderson, joins Kevin to discuss why dissolving power away from the DC Swamp and restoring self-governance are crucial to stopping America's decline. Jeffrey H. Anderson is the president of The American Main Street Initiative and served as the Director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) at the U.S. Department of Justice (2017-2021). Anderson earned a Ph.D. studying America’s founding principles at Claremont Graduate University. A former U.S. Air Force Academy professor, he served as the Senior Speechwriter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, co-founded and ran a successful start-up (The 2017 Project), and was a Hudson Institute Senior Fellow before becoming the Director of BJS. A leader in the Obamacare debate, Jeff authored “The Winning Alternative to Obamacare.” He later developed “The Main Street Tax Plan” to promote economic growth, reduce the national debt, and benefit the median American. Jeff also co-created the Anderson & Hester College Football Computer Rankings, which were part of the Bowl Championship Series throughout its 16-year run.