The Kevin Roberts Show


Episode 49 | Rusty Reno

Ep. 59

An American optimist, Rusty Reno joins Kevin to discuss how the Left’s crusade for social engineering is hurting our country by reengineering basic American principles and pushing a woke social agenda that fails to allow everyday Americans to flourish.

Declining religiosity in the United States has made American culture susceptible to the Left’s utopian idealism. It has allowed the politics of imagination to overshadow the fundamental philosophy of politics and helped progressivism flourish. A bold, conservative policy agenda rooted in tradition, however, can change the trajectory of American superiority for the years to come.

For over a decade, Rusty Reno has shared his systematic and moral theology at First Things, a conservative, Christian journal. As the current editor, he aims to share the voices of religiously serious people who want to shape the future of our country.