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Traveling Solo as a Woman of Color, with Oneika Raymond (2017)

Season 2, Ep. 60

Oneika Raymond is the woman behind “Oneika the Traveller” -- the blog and Instagram platform -- and she’s also a video host personality and international speaker.

This episode was originally posted in 2017 when Oneika and I had just finished shooting a video series together in the USA. It was episode #2 of this podcast!! I LOVE this episode, and am reposting it to give it new life now, as it is just as relevant right now as it was then. If you enjoy this podcast, you will LOVE this episode. Relistening to it made me feel inspired and in awe of my amazing friend Oneika all over again. 

In this conversation, we talk about travel (of course) and how it’s important for Oneika, as a Jamaican-Canadian, to represent diversity in the travel sector, she doesn’t see much of other people who look like her. We talk about being your own brand, the importance of being open to hard discussions online, and maintaining grace. She reminds us to operate from a position of “can” rather than “can’t.”






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This Woman Has the Single Coolest Career Path, with Cree LeFavour

Season 2, Ep. 67
Author Cree LeFavour has the kind of writing career many creatives (ahem, myself included) dream of. She's authored four cookbooks (and has ghostwritten countless others), an acclaimed memoir, and most recently -- a novel! She has such an intuitive relationship with her creativity, and it was an absolute delight to talk with her about her path, and the sparks that have led the work she’s done. In this episode, we start by talking about her new novel, "Private Means," which is a fascinating (and sometimes rather sexy!) book that is, on the surface, about a middle aged couple that loses their beloved dog and the unraveling that occurs thereafter...but of course what’s it’s really about is human relationships. It’s funny & thought provoking, dark & wry. We discuss her writing process and how writing a novel was different than writing her memoir, "Lights On, Rats Out," which came out a few years ago.If you're a foodie, check out the cookbooks she's written, "The New Steak," "Fish," "Pork," and "Poulet." How did she become this literary badass from a career in writing cookbooks? We’ll hear all about that, and the twists and turns her life as presented….they seem at one hand so varied, and yet it all seems to weave it together so wonderfully.And of course, we talk about embracing your quirkiness/weirdness (literary and otherwise).CREE LeFAVOUR@creelefavourwww.creelefavour.comKATIE QUINN@qkatieKEEP IT QUIRKY PODCAST@keepitquirkypodcastSign up for my monthly e-newsletter:

Launching an Album in a Pandemic, with Brian Quinn

Season 3, Ep. 66
Today's guest is Brian Quinn, a professional musician (the creator of this podcast's theme song!), and, yes, he's my brother. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of the preeminent music schools in the USA. Since then, he has worked as a professional musician, calling Chicago, IL his base. In this conversation we talk about everything from what it's like to be a professional, performing musician during this time of Covid-19, to discussing whether or not it's a good ideal to go to music school if you want to be a musician. The debut album of his band, bq, is releasing worldwide this Friday, September 4! The album is called "The Inner Solar system," and it's instrumental funk music that is sure to get your feet tapping and hips swinging. (He's also playing an album release show -- FREE and OUTDOORS -- this Saturday, September 5 from 5:30p-8:00pat Chicago's Navy Pier, at Miller Lite Beer Garden.)He gives us some sneak peeks of his songs, and talks us through elements of the music to listen for. It’s my favorite thing to listen to music with Brian; he points out things that my ear would never hear otherwise. He also describes the origin of certain musical techniques (attention, music history nerds!); it's super cool to get a peek into this artist’s mind with all that, and to hear how it evolved.I'm a proud sister. He's got a lot of experiences to share with you -- for other musicians, aspiring musicians, or anyone curious about what that creative process and reality of the industry looks like now. BRIAN QUINNInstagram: @qkatieWebsite: www.bqfunk.comThe Inner Solar System, debut album by bqKEEP IT QUIRKY@keepitquirkypodcast@qkatieSubscribe to my monthly newsletter:

Pivot Toward Your Passion, with Hana Asbrink

Season 3, Ep. 65
Hana Asbrink is the Executive Editor at Chowhound, and has an impressive resume that includes everything from being a senior editor at Food52 to working in the kitchen at Michelin-starred chef Jean-George’s ABC Kitchen restaurant in Manhattan. She also has her Masters in Journalism and attended the French Culinary Institute.From behind a desk to behind the cutting board, from working for startups to major outlets and dappling in the freelance game (where she founded Pantry Confidential), Hana has a wealth of experiences that anyone interested in food media will love, and what’s more is that her path proves that there is no such thing as a predictable, perfect path in this industry. (if it even exists at all these days!)In our conversation, Hana talks about being born in South Korea and her earliest food memories there (communal eating, fermented things!) to moving to NYC with her immigrant parents, as well as her love of travel (Paris!). We also chat about how to follow your passions in a way that opens up career opportunities, what it means to her to be an executive editor -- the parallels she sees of being a mom and leading a team of people.HANA ASBRINK:INSTAGRAM - @hanaasbrinkPODCAST 'TABLE TALK' - videos 'Mood Food' - QUINN@qkatieKEEP IT QUIRKY PODCAST@keepitquirkypodcastSign up for my monthly e-newsletter: