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Being a Part of Something Bigger, with Susan Quinn

Season 3, Ep. 55

I've wanted to have my mom as a guest on the podcast ever since I first had the idea to do it, and I'm thrilled to say that today's the day!!

My mom, Susan Quinn, is so many amazing things rolled into one. She's just retired from a very successful career as an optometrist (yes, she's the original Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman!), but also throws herself into organizations to better our world. She is a passionate gardener and bread baker, and I knew we'd have a fun conversation for all of you to be a part of, too.

We talk about how she began her entrepreneurial career (partners in small business with my dad), and investing ourselves in the world in a way that makes us feel proud to be a part of our communities. We talk about that to-do list that's looming over so many of us in COVID isolation and how to deal with it, and we even get a special guest appearance from my 95-year-old grandma :) Three generation on the podcast at once!

Happy Mother's Day (in the US) -- to my mom and all the moms out there. <3 <3 <3

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Why The World Needs Conflict Transformation, with Kirby Broadnax

Season 3, Ep. 59
Kirby Broadnax has years of experience as a mediator, conflict coach, community-builder and facilitator. She has her Masters degree in Conflict Transformation -- which is a field of study similar to Conflict Resolution, but is a bit more all-encompassing and holistic in solving the issues at hand.Kirby is one of my dearest friends, we go way back, and over the years she has opened my eyes on many occasions by sharing her experiences as a black woman in America. It sounds trite to say, but she truly is wise beyond her years. She’s had an enormous impact on my life.The first part of this conversation focuses on the scope of Conflict Transformation and how she was drawn to that field of study and work. We discuss appreciative inquiry and creative ways to address conflict, AND generating excitement around things that are possible. The second part of the conversation is a discussion more specifically around this moment we’re living in, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and how we can make a difference on an individual level, as well as the difference between intention and impact.You can follow Kirby on Instagram @kevab325.RESOURCES (thanks to Kirby!):Tips for how to have conversations about racism, and also gives good guidelines for difficult conversations in general: George Floyd Uprisings Collaborative Resources List: (monetary, and supplies): Strategy - Adrienne Maree BrownI’ve Got the Light of Freedom - Charles PayneHope & Healing in Urban Education - Shawn GinwrightLittle Book of Race & Restorative Justice - Fania DavisAre Prisons Obsolete? - Angela DavisSacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-based change -- Sherri MitchellBeyond Survival: Stories and Strategies from the Transformative Justice Movement -- edited by Ejeris Dixon and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna SamarasinhaTo follow this podcast on Instagram: @keepitquirkypodcast, and to follow the host Katie Quinn: @qkatie.Subscribe to Katie’s monthly email newsletter: to musician @bqfunk for the podcast theme song!