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We love chips! Join your hosts Zoë and Sophia as we crunch our way through a sea of chip varieties in search of our favourites. Each episode, we eat and critique two bags of chips, but ultimately only one chip can win.

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  • 058 Muzak with Rakhee

    Join us in learning about MUZAK with writer, comedian, creator, generally funny and lovely Rakhee Morzaria (Creator of CBC's "Note to Self"). Have you ever made a friend in a cafe? What would John Square say....if that even is his real name....CUE THE MUZAK.

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  • 57. 057 U up? with Tim Baker

    We're sittin' down with Tim Baker -- lead singer of indie rock band Hey Rosetta! and soon-to-be solo artist -- to learn of his ancient family recipe... Daddy's Famous Olde Cheezies. You'll learn how to age your own vintage from Daddy Baker himself! We also chat with Hey Rosetta!'s hey Romesh (Romesh Thavanathan) for his own famous recipe for wild-style Chip Salad. Exclusive! Hear first details about Tim's upcoming solo tour, the #U_up? Tour!
  • 56. 056 Plot Twist

    Plot twists!!!! Re-birth!!! Oogie!! Vegan Rob or Joe???? We dive into some formative movie plot twists, dobbie facts (yeah, that's a plot twist people), worst condiments to have on your face, and what exactly a potato lunch is...Stick around until the end of the episode to hear our friend Chris Hannant do his very own chip rap inspired by JCDC. Quite honestly the best content we've heard in ever? Tune in!!
  • 55. 055 Stranger Friends feat. Maggy_TV

    We sit down with stranger turned FRIEND maggy_tv - one of our favourite instagram funny lasses. We call our friend Braeden and embark on a chip journey that brings us to unexpected places feat. fashion tips, human chips, nicknames, and uncool vs. cool chips.
  • 54. 054 Dukealicious Def

    This highbrow episode comes at you straight from the Crested Butte of Canada, our studio. Our close pal with a double-barrelled name Tim Lem-Smith joins us to taste chips that inspire a certain kind of elevated and innovatory thinking. What is a fascinator? What's the fanciest monster? And is Tim's dad one of them? Find out all this and more!
  • 53. 053 Haggis, Ansel, Soph and Zo at the Pub

    What does haggis, Arthur Guinness, Ansel Elgort, Sophia and Zoë have in common? Well, turns out, a surprising amount. Zoë and Sophia delve into two bags this week: cracked black pepper with haggis and guinness flavoured chips. In the episode, they're extremely hung up on Ansel and all that he does, talk about famed beerman Arthur Guinness and offer up ideas of what the man behind the beer is really like....tune in!
  • 52. 052 Brown Baggin!

    Oh yes, we are back. And boy are we happy to see you! Over a brown bag lunch, Sophia and Zoë swap tales of lunch, Lunchables, and all the good stuff you'll find in a lunchbox. Sophia steals Zoë's identity.