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Palak Shah: Open Spaces Realty

Season 1, Ep. 13

Palak Shah is the founder and managing partner of Open Spaces Capital and Open Spaces Realty group. She’s also the creative mind behind the blog Two Kids and a Landlady where she writes about her experiences investing in real estate. 

She’s also a graduate of the Jumpstart Germantown program and today is one of the program’s all-stars who mentors other aspiring real estate developers enrolled in the program.

A former mechanical engineer, Palak has brought an eye for detail and precision to her current life as a real estate investor. She buys and renovates rundown and neglected properties in and around Philadelphia and turns them into attractive new rentals. In less than two years, Palak has gone from owning only three rental properties to 23 rental properties and portfolio worth $3 million. 

In this interview, Palak talks about the importance of finding the right contractor you can do multiple projects with, budgeting for contingencies, and not getting distracted by bright, shiny objects when doing real estate. She also explains why hustling is overrated and the importance of listening to one's gut feeling.

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Hoan Thai: I Escaped My 9 to 5

Season 1, Ep. 36
If you’re working a regular job and have ever dreamed of leaving your 9 to 5 going into real estate full time this interview is for you.Hoan “Houdini” Thai has a story that many of us can relate to. Hoan is a Philly-based investor with three main focuses. His foremost specialty is finding and acquiring cash-flowing investment properties in emerging neighborhoods,. He also is a private lender and he helps other real estate investors just starting out by offering in-depth coaching, training and networking through his website and Facebook group called “I Escaped My 9 to 5” so they can make their way in the real estate investing world.After Hoan graduated from college with a degree in engineering, he knew the very first day on his first professional job that he wasn't cut out for a conventional job working in a cubicle. He aspired to do something more entrepreneurial and real estate fit the bill. Unlike a lot of other entrepreneurial ventures where there are too many variables outside of one's control, real estate comes with a pretty straightforward roadmap, if you're willing to follow it and you know what you're doing. He liked the fact that once he knew how to analyze deals and source information to make well-informed buying decisions, the process was one he could "rinse and repeat.""When I saw thatthere’s the roadmap I can confidently use to do this, that was the difference," he says. "That was whatcaused me to escape. With real estate the answers aresuper clear. The roadmap wassuper clear."