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Jon and Antonia Take On The World: Saint Lucia

Food and Drink

Season 1, Ep. 4

Fresh fish. Rum. Home cooked chicken. Rum. Rice. Rum. More fish. More rum. Oh, and chocolate that we made ourselves! And more rum. Saint Lucia knows its food and drink, so from soil to fork, our travelling twosome take in the culinary delights of the island including visits to the Rabot Estate - home of Hotel Chocolat, the delicious street food of the famous Friday night Jump Up in Gros Islet, and St Lucia Distillers. for a food and drink special. Did we mention the rum?

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  • 5. Wellness and Relaxation

    After five previous podcasts full of adventure, food, drink, wildlife, arts, and culture, our travelling twosome aim to get some well-earned downtime. Unfortunately this involves a sunrise yoga session, hiking through the forest in search of calming birdsong, and bathing in a volcanic hot mud spring. This is relaxation Saint Lucia style...
  • 3. Adrenaline and Adventure

    In Episode 3 our travelling pair take a hit of adrenaline with a forest canopy zipline tour, take mountain bikes into the jungle, ride horses into the waves, and don 'Snuba' gear for a trip beneath them...You can't travel at the moment, so let us take your ears on holiday and inspire you for when you can!
  • Wildlife and Nature

    In Episode 2, our intrepid travel duo head into the rainforest where they come face to face with a giant guinea pig, Antonia squeals like one as she gets into a freezing natural pool and Jon is stalked by Predator in the tree canopy. True Story. You can't travel at the moment, so let us inspire you by taking your ears on holiday! St Lucia will still be waiting for you on the other side!
  • 1. Arts and Culture

    In Episode 1, Jon and Antonia take on the tricky task of trying to get music out of a conch shell on the beach, join a steel pan band, and take a lesson in 'Dennery Segment'. Jon also tries his hand (feet?) at Country & Western dancing, and Antonia completely fails to climb a hill in flip-flops. We might all be in temporary lockdown, but the world is still out there! Let us inspire you for when it's all over by taking your ears on holiday right now!
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    COMING SOON - A five-part travel documentary podcast series with award-winning travel writers and broadcasters JON HOLMES and ANTONIA WINDSOR.Season 1: Saint Lucia.An unusual podcast, in association with the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.