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How can shoes or insoles help with knee osteoarthrititis? with Prof Rana Hinman

Season 3, Ep. 5

On this week’s episode of Joint Action, Prof Rana Hinman joins us to discuss how shoes or insoles can help with knee OA.

People with knee OA may experience abnormal knee joint loading – meaning that certain parts of their knees (for example, the inside or medial compartment) is loaded more, compared to the outside or lateral compartment. Biomechanical research has shown that some shoes can increase medial knee loads more than others and therefore, clinical guidelines commonly recommend “appropriate” footwear for knee OA.  Many types of shoes exist including “stable, supportive shoes”, “flat flexible shoes” and “unloader” shoes. However, it remains unclear what shoes are appropriate for knee OA.

Professor Rana Hinman is a research physiotherapist and National Health & Medical Research Council Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on clinical trials of non-drug non-surgical treatment strategies for osteoarthritis, in particular exercise, rehabilitation, and biomechanical interventions.


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