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Digital interventions for osteoarthritis with Dr Andrea Dell'Isola

Season 4, Ep. 2

Digital interventions include mobile apps, virtual reality, and the internet and telephones. They have been recommended by the World Health Organization to complement traditional care. There has been a shift towards digital interventions especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. On this week's episode we are joined by Andrea Dell'Isola to discuss digital interventions for osteoarthritis.

Andrea Dell’Isola is a research associate at the Clinical Epidemiology Unit Lund University in Sweden and a member of the OARSI early career investigators committee. His research interests include multimorbidity and the impact that other disease have on osteoarthritis development and management and first-line interventions for OA.


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What joints does osteoarthritis commonly affect? with Dr Qiang Liu

Season 4, Ep. 3
Osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent disease affecting many developing and developed countries worldwide. The prevalence of OA depends on which joint is involved – whether it is the knee, hip or hand. Depending on what type of OA you have, it may also play a role in your overall health. On this week’s episode of Joint Action, we are joined by Qiang Liu to discuss the different sites of OA, their prevalence and risk factors.  Dr Qiang Liu is an orthopedic surgeon and associate professor who sees patients with joint diseases and does research on osteoarthritis in Peking University People’s Hospital. Qiang has published studies on the burden of osteoarthritis and exercise therapy for knee/hip osteoarthritis in prestige journals such as the Lancet Rheumatology and Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. Qiang has devoted himself to helping patients with osteoarthritis by applying and promoting strategies overlooked by the healthcare system in China. Together with Prof. Jianhao Lin, Qiang introduced the Good Life with Osteoarthritis from Denmark (GLA:DTM) to China together and has served as the program manager since 2017. They also opened the first private special clinic which focuses on delivering evidence-based non-surgical treatment for osteoarthritis in China. RESOURCESJournal articlesPrevalence Trends of Site-Specific Osteoarthritis From 1990 to 2019: Findings From the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019CONNECT WITH USTwitter: @ProfDavidHunter @jointactionorgEmail: hello@jointaction.infoWebsite: