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#231) What if I'm a Jack of All Trades?

Season 1, Ep. 231

Perhaps you have the following questions running through your mind: What if I feel like my skill set has been diluted by working for a smaller company, and I want to go bigger? If I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none, then how can I go into those specialized dream jobs that I am targeting. Maybe you feel the same way, and maybe you're letting it affect your confidence as you apply for these jobs. Maybe your strategy isn't yielding results. Well earlier this week, we hosted an AMA where a brave job seeker asked that very question, and we had our partner Clara Chorley answer this. 

For over a decade, Clara Chorley has coached hundreds of experienced professionals into fulfilling careers where they’re valued and have meaningful influence and impact.   

Clara’s unique international background spans 5 continents and 48 countries working with professionals from humanitarian, business, and multiple Fortune 100 companies. She is a career coach, TEDx presenter, and author of TURN: 4 Steps to Clarity in Your Career.

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