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#150) These Resume Myths Need to Die

Season 1, Ep. 150

Today, our minisode is about some resume myths that need to die. 

Guys listen: there’s a lot of garbage advice going around in the resume world, and my goal here is to give these myths a swift kick to the pants and lay them to rest in their muddy grave. What is a muddy grave? I don’t know, just made it up, but it felt right.

These are some resume myths that needs to die. And it all revolves around the belief that there are blanket one size fits all answers that apply for every job application. 

You may consciously say I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all answers, but when you are in a crunch, emotions are running high, and someone gives you a shallow piece of advice -- it’s tempting to take that advice and run with it.

Now I’ll give you some examples of one-size fits all answers in the job search. 

  • All resumes should be one page or x amount of pages
  • Always delete all experience past 2000 (or x year)
  • Always delete all your interests
  • NEVER have fancy resumes

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