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#171) The Best Outreach Message You Can Use Today | Phillip Migyanko

Season 1, Ep. 171

Today I brought on Phillip Migyanko, Director of Student Success at Happen to Your Career! 

In his early career, Phillip grew up working in a family-owned business within the waste management industry– where he used to literally pick up trash in Southern Ohio. After graduating from college, he completed his tenure working multiple HR and Recruiting jobs in the manufacturing and tech spaces. Phillip eventually went on to work for one of the leading jobs boards in the United States, designing recruitment marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. In these roles, he discovered his love of coaching and how to help others succeed in the modern day job search. After traveling the world for a bit, he landed in Austin, Texas and founded his own career coaching company called (The Migyanko Method). He now serves as the Director of Student Success for Happen To Your Career, one of the leading career coach companies. 

How does one begin formulating a good reachout message? 

  • Difference between cold vs. warm reach outs?
  • Your innovative approach that you used yourself in reaching out to me
  • What if I didn’t get a reply that first time?

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