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#139) Negotiation is for Everyone | Alexandra Carter

Season 1, Ep. 139

Today, we’re going to talk about negotiation and open your mind to how it can change your life.  Listen: maybe you want to land a better job with a better salary -- or even become more respected in your career. A key theme: Negotiation is for everyone, and people need to expand their minds about what negotiation is.

Alexandra Carter is the author of ASK FOR MORE: Ten Questions to Negotiate Anything (Simon & Schuster; May 5, 2020) Alex is a Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia Law School, where she has spent over a decade helping thousands of people improve their negotiation skills. She is a world-renowned negotiation trainer for the United Nations, where she has taught dozens of negotiation workshops to hundreds of diplomats from more than eighty nations. In 2019, Carter was awarded Columbia University's highest teaching honor.

Here's what we cover:

  • What is negotiation, and what is it NOT?
  • When should you be negotiating? 
  • What if I'm a shy person?
  • Let’s talk about the biggest weapons of negotiation: fear and guilt. How do they come into play in a negotiation?
  • Silence. How do I get comfortable with it?
  • Let’s say I’m interviewing with a company. Let’s play out what “steering the relationship” would look like so I can get the salary I deserve. 

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