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#135) Master Your Work from Home Strategy | Jackie Mitchell

Season 1, Ep. 135

Today, we’re going to cover some wonderful strategies you can use when working from home. 

Why should you listen to this episode? Maybe you are working from home right now, and you’re finding it hard to be productive. Or maybe you’re applying for remote work positions, and you know you’re going to need to make a shift to a different lifestyle. Today’s episode is all about mastering the art of working from home, and we’ll even cover some tips for job seekers -- as well as those who manage a workforce remotely. 

My next guest is Jackie Mitchell who is a certified career coach and consultant. After a successful career of over 15 years in IT Project Management, Jackie launched her business, CJ Matthews Consulting, working with C-Level, executives and Fortune 500 corporations in transition to navigate enterprise initiatives and integrations arising from mergers and acquisitions, re-branding efforts, and many other opportunities as a Program & Project Manager. This work naturally evolved into coaching clients both within and outside the tech industry to solve complex problems as well as advancing their careers to achieve more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

Here's what we cover:

  • How is working from home different than working in an office?
  • What’s the biggest mistake people make when working from home?
  • What are your top 3 tips for working from home as an employee?
  • If I’m managing a team or I’m an employer, what’s something I should be doing to ensure my team is productive? Should this even be a concern?
  • For job seekers: How can we set up a routine that is conducive to getting hired?

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