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#233) Living More Bravely, Staying Remote, and the She-Covery | Dr. Margie Warrell

Today, I brought on Dr. Margie Warrell, Founder of Global Courage. 

Dr. Margie Warrell draws on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching and psychology to embolden people to lead themselves and others to better outcomes. Margie is a highly sought after keynote speaker and expert, having worked with organizations such as Salesforce, NASA, L’Oreal, among other well-known companies. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of Forbes School of Business & Technology.

The titles of her other books, Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Brave, and Make Your Mark reflect her deep passion for emboldening people to lead braver more purposeful lives. In 2010, Margie founded Global Courage to advance more women to decision-making tables. She is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and Ambassador for Women in Global Business and Google’s Womenwill program. Margie is also the mother of four intrepid teenage children and enjoys sharing adventures with them and her husband Andrew of 25 years—most recently, summiting Mt Kilimanjaro. 


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