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#185) How to Cure Burnout, Boredom, and the Effects of a Bad Boss | Amber Beam

Season 1, Ep. 185

Today I brought on Amber Beam. Amber is a career coach whose mission is to eradicate soul-sucking jobs everywhere! With 15 years in HR as an I-O Psychologist, she’s seen it all!  Now she’s throwing back the curtain to reveal what you really need to know to win-over skeptics in HR. 

She shatters the “it’s too late” and “I don’t think I have enough experience” myths to show women over 40 how to cash-in on decades of experience and launch a soul-mate career that makes a difference and pays the bills!

Her proven coaching programs and courses have helped tons of talented women score five-figure raises and “Summer Fridays” year-round. Her greatest achievement is hearing clients say, “now I look forward to going to work!”

So as you can see, Amber is going to be just awesome, and this episode is going to really help you out if you’re struggling with burnout, boredom, or even a bad boss. 

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