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#143) Choose the Job that You’re Aligned With | Jeanette Winters

Season 1, Ep. 143

Today, we’re going to talk about how to get aligned with the jobs that define our careers.

Why should you listen to this episode? Maybe you’re finding that an apathetic (or even draining) energy consumes you at work. You show up to work. You grind it out. You show up the next day. Rinse, repeat...and boom, thank God it’s the weekend. So now you decide: it’s time for a change, and you’re open to do that by hopping to a different job, company, or career altogether. Well, you’re going to want to listen to this episode first. The truth is...a lot of people don’t know what job is right for them. Or worse, they may not be even be aware of the importance of picking an engaging job that works for them. Today is all about one word: alignment. We’ll discuss the concept of picking a job that you are personally aligned with and how it actually can make a difference.  

Today, I brought on Jeanette Winters, a Fortune 100 Talent Management Executive. She is the Chief Talent Officer & Managing Partner for Winters Advisory Group. Jeanette is a human capital expert with 20+ years of designing scalable, quantifiable and sustainable initiatives. She’s been involved in the creation and implementation of proven human capital practices, procedures, and programs, and she’s led human resources for many brands that you may be familiar with: including Pitney Bowes, Igloo, and Beyond Meat. 

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