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#215) Career Warrior Women: Overcoming Doubt, Building Confidence, and Returning to Work | Jasmine Escalera

Season 1, Ep. 215

Today I brought on Dr. Jasmine Escalera, one of Jobscan's 2021 Top Job Search Experts to Follow on LinkedIn. 

Dr. Jasmine Escalera is a confidence coach and career strategist for women of color. She has proven coaching programs that help her clients beat self-doubt so they can own their worth and boss-up in their careers or business.

Jasmine earned her BS in Biochemistry from Pace University and PhD in Pharmacology from Yale. She is an experienced executive level Program and Operations Director with a passion for designing research programs that increase the quality of life and healthcare options for underserved populations. 

So as you can see, Dr. Escalera is going to be just awesome, and this episode is going to really help you out if you’re struggling with regaining your sense of self and confidence in your career. 


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