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#209) Applying to a Company Without Connections | AMA with Adunola Adeshola

Season 1, Ep. 209

Our guest, Adunola Adeshola, is a millennial career strategist who helps high-achieving corporate professionals secure new jobs they love at companies they love. She’s also a Forbes contributor where her career column on how to land a new job has been read over a million times and her expertise has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and other publications. Since landing her dream job at a global PR firm and later realizing she secretly hated it, she’s been on a mission to help high-achievers recognize, own and show their value so that they can stop playing small, boost their confidence, land amazing jobs, and make more money. Her clients and students in dozens of industries (from tech to PR to HR to marketing to engineering and more) have landed interviews and job offers at leading companies such as Google, NBCU, Vogue, Tiffany & Co., HBO, and other companies they love.

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