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#79) Leah Kingsbury: New Mom in a New City | Putting Yourself Out There For the Win | Making Friends Online

Season 1, Ep. 79

We spoke with Leah Kingsbury about the challenges of applying for jobs as a new mom -- and how to make friends online. Today's theme is putting yourself out there and meeting the right people to orchestrate your dream life. How about that?

  • Did you just move to a new city?
  • Is your life going through a period of intense transition? 
  • Maybe you’re a new mother who is just returning back to the workforce after your entire life has been uprooted by the birth of a child. 

My next guest, Leah Kingsbury, is a single mom here in Austin who has really nailed this “putting yourself out there” thing. I met Leah when I was her Uber driver -- back in 2017 when I was using rideshare to supplement my income. I instantly noticed something about Leah when I met her. She was magnetic, kind, social, and had just got done meeting up with a brand new friend-- someone she had just met on online! My mind was blown. She was doing everything that I wanted to as a new Austinite - but never had the time or courage to do.  

And with nearly 13 thousand Instagram followers, she has her own tribe of warriors who are bought in to her message, resilience, and unwavering positivity. No matter if you’re a mom or not, you can benefit from hearing Leah speak her on this platform. 

Here's what we cover:

  • What are some of the biggest challenges in reentering the workforce as a new mom?
  • Putting yourself out there: How do I take that first step to meeting people if I’m in a new city?
  • What are some good practical strategies for meeting people online? How can we play it safe when online?
  • How do you combat our protective egos who don't want to stretch outside our comfort zones?
  • How have you internally dealt with adversity as someone who puts themselves out there?

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