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#55) How to Take a Solid LinkedIn Photo using only an iPhone

Season 1, Ep. 55

How many of you out there feel like you have a mediocre LinkedIn Profile? Today, I’m going to give you the opportunity to upgrade your LinkedIn profile -- especially if money or time is a constraint for you, and you just need something up there quick. 

Why have a solid LinkedIn photo?

  • You are more attractive to LinkedIn recruiters, especially when they can only see your photo and a headline
  • Your confidence
  • Your personal brand

Summary of Steps We Mention in the Episode:

#1) Find a friend with portrait mode an iPhone 7+ or above.

#2) Get ready and look fresh. 

#3) Move to a place with good lighting.

#4) Have a friend take 10 different photos of you. (Face the camera directly, have your friend come close. Make sure there is enough headspace. I highly recommend smiling).

#5) Email it to yourself and upload immediately.

Additional Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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