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#54) Learn How to Stop Procrastinating | Get More Done

Season 1, Ep. 54

Today, we are going to punch procrastination in the face and get more stuff done.

Why would you want to listen to this episode?

  • You need to get some big projects done. 
  • You’re just getting started on making some behavior changes in your life - or changes in your routine. 
  • You need to confront your fears about communicating something (e.g. ask for a promotion).

What I am about to discuss with you today has come from many other authors and experts who have helped me in my journey. 

Setting the Context

  • Why do we procrastinate? Newton’s First Law of Motion and the perfectionist standard.

Four Things We Can Do to Stop Procrastinating:

  1. Focus. In How Memory Works, memory expert Robert Madigan discusses the principle of how we can pay better attention. And since attention is directly related to our productivity, I thought this was a perfect example. Start with asking yourself why you’re procrastinating. Also, knowing why you are doing the task will keep your energy high. (What is possible if I achieve my goal? Why do I want this?)
  2. The principle of “Just One Step.” Just focus on taking the first step. Decide for yourself if it’s going to be the hardest or easiest step.
  3. Chunking aka the Chris method. I’ve heard this from coaches online and published authors who have a tough time writing content. (Yes - even they get writing blocks). Let your drafts be drafty. Let your work be crappy at first. Then revise, revise, revise.
  4. Accountability. You want to find a way to make sure you actually get this done and do it according to a deadline? Get someone else involved.

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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