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#30) Uncovering the Hidden Job Market | Informational Interviews | Mac Prichard of Mac's List

Season 1, Ep. 30

Today, we are going to delve into the art of informational interviews.

I am proud to bring on Mac Prichard, who is a true authority in informational interviews. Mac Prichard founded Mac’s List, an online platform that connects job seekers with meaningful work opportunities in Portland. Mac has taught both employers and job seekers to build a better job search landscape through courses, books, events, and even his very own weekly career advice podcast: Find Your Dream Job. (

Mac --a graduate of The University of Iowa and Harvard University--built two small businesses through a foundation of networking. He

has taught thousands of people how to grow their careers through relationships.

To take a passage from his bio: “Mac shows job seekers and employers how to break down the barriers between them by teaching preparation, empathy, and people-focused hiring practices with a practical, nuts-and-bolts style that’s accessible for everyone.”

Here's what we cover:

Part 1: Setting the Stage

Who’s Mac Prichard?

Defining the subject material...

  • Let’s define informational interviews first. What are we talking about here when we are referencing this special type of interview?
  • Any successful or unsuccessful informational interview stories from your life?

Motivation/the why...

  • Why should informational interviews be a part of someone’s job search strategy? Let's touch upon the concept of the hidden job market.
  • How can this lead into getting a job?

Part 2: Conducting Informational Interviews:

First steps...

Let’s talk about that first step. How do I even find the right people to conduct interviews with?

Reachout messages...

  • What does a good reachout message look like for informational interviews?
  • What if I don’t get a response?

General Advice on informational interviews...

  • As a job seeker, what’s a good attitude to have vs. a bad attitude when scouting for informational interviews?
  • What do you think is the biggest mistake a job seeker can make who is trying to network this way and why? (Give “reverse advice” on how someone can waste their time networking right now).
  • What’s your number #1 piece of advice for an informational interview?
  • How much time should be devoted to chasing informational interviews vs. applying online to job postings via Indeed, Zip Recruiter, etc.?

When you get the interview...

  • What preparation (if any) should be done prior to an informational interview? Is there a helpful mindset for you to be in?
  • What do I wear?
  • Is there an ideal location?
  • What is the general tone/attitude you should have when you’re actually in the moment of the interview? For an actual interview, it’s conveying your experiences and accomplishments by answering questions, but what’s the general vibe here?
  • Is there homework to be done after the interview?

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