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Mattea Merta Pro-Family NGO United Nations Rep., President:

@votefamilyCA Global Policy & Advocacy Advisor, Political Advisor.

Bio: Having grown up in a close-knit family devoted to Christian values, I learned principles of faith and Christ-centered living. As a result, it directed my path into leadership and influence at a young age. I have an array of personal and professional experiences as a young Christian in the governmental and political spheres. I learned early on the significance of multi-generational wisdom - listening to those who have gone before me and sharing that insight with my own generation. As one who naturally seeks to build bridges amongst all the chaos, my desire is to bring resolution.

I want to see my generation uplifted and for them to rediscover the freedom that comes when we place our full trust in our Lord. Leaning into our faith offers not only a freedom for ourselves, but in being liberated we start to facilitate change in the world around us.

I see the immense importance of encouraging those on and off campus, young and older, with a community to support and embolden them. I also know that equipping individuals spiritually and intellectually is vital as many on campus are not exposed to different ideas or are mercilessly attacked for expressing differing viewpoints.

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Live with Mattea Merta @MatteaMerta on @JimFannonLive

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