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Putin Will Pay A Price For His Terror: EP - 354

Season 2022, Ep. 354

Putin Will Pay A Price For His Terror

We're fooling ourselves if we think anything short of military force will stop Putin from destroying Ukraine, slaughtering it's citizens, and virtually leveling the country.

Is there a podcast strategy to get vital info to the Russian people about the atrocities being done by their leader?

Musical guest: Rhyan Sinclair.

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  • 394. The Last Show...(Jerry Finds His Voice) EP - 394

    The Last Show...(Jerry Finds His Voice)Jerry discovers how to use his microphone and now loves how his voice sounds! This is our podcast ending round table conversation among the cast and crew. We interact about some highlights, funny moments, memorable interviews, Cuba, the Freedom Riders show, music, etc. Do we feel we accomplished what we set out to do? What comes next? For Jerry and Jene, is it the retirement home rec room? Thank all of you listeners for sticking with us! 
  • 393. Walker's Candidacy Is An Assault on Black Americans Dignity: EP - 393

    Walker's Candidacy Is An Assault on Black Americans DignityWe’ve been doing this show for years now, right? I had my people go back through the archives and tally up the number of times the word Trump was spoken. Let’s go around the table and see who can guess the number. If you are a Facebook live viewer right now, put your guess in the comment section.We are now deep into the prime sports season with football and basketball overlapping. Our Cincinnati Bengals are now making their run again, Jerry and Jene’s grandsons are getting deep into their grade school basketball teams play and Xavier has now beat the University of Cincinnati four years in a row in basketball.Jerry, looking back on your youth, what is your best sports memory? Is it when you were tossed out of the gym as the grade school announcer at a basketball game? That’s a Jerry Springer classic moment. Playing on baseball teams?Our musical guest: Casey Campbell
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    Trump Should Not Be Allowed To Hold Office AgainJene once visited the home of someone who Jerry gave a key to the city to.What is Thanksgiving like at the Springer‘s household? TV show Foodfight?Our musical guest: Lucas Wayne
  • 391. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner At The Trump's? EP - 391

    Guess Who's Coming To Dinner At The Trump's?Tip of our hats to Frances Wilson Canty, a bold freedom rider who recently died for Civil Rights. Here's a link to a podcast we did interviewing some of the Riders. Jerry entertains the idea of doing some shows in Retirement homes. Three meals a day. No one remembers your jokes...Musical guest: Lucas Wayne
  • 390. Why Americans Drank The Kool-Aid? EP - 390

    Why Americans Drank The Kool-Aid?They'll always be villains in American democracy, but nothing says we have to drink the Kool-Aid. Are we now the villains?Jerry, is Tony Bennett art exploding in value? Jene’s brother bought a painting for little and then became shockingly valuable because the artist became huge.Musical guest: Darren Hacquard
  • 389. God Bless Joe Biden: EP - 389

    God Bless Joe BidenPresident Joseph Biden said this election is about saving democracy. It's about the very soul of America. Trust the American people to put that notion above partisanship. Americans have roundly rejected Donald Trump. He's causing Republican states to elect Democrats. Musical Guest for tonight’s show is Abe Partridge, an artist from Mobile, AL, and a return guest to the show. His song Abe Partridge's 403d Freakout is psychedelic bliss.His podcast, Alabama Astronaut, has recently come out and is getting great traffic and acclaim. It’s seriously worth checking out and discussing, a fascinating show.
  • 388. Jerry Springer Talks With Paul of Peter, Paul & Mary

    Noel Paul Stookey shares his experience on the Lincoln Memorial with Dr. Martin Luther King giving his "I Have A Dream" speech. Peter, Paul & Mary performed at the iconic moment in history.  Noel's daughter Liz has started a non-profit Music To Life for musician-activists to further the causes of musicians raising awareness to propel us to a more humane society. How do we embody love and elevate each other for a better existence? Tonight on November 10th, Music To Life is releasing a new album Hope Rises II with sixteen new artists, and two of them, Ellie Grace and Lauren Adams join us for interviews and cuts from their new album. 
  • 387. The Right-Wing Supreme Court Will Cut Affirmative Action: EP - 387

    The Right-Wing Supreme Court Will Cut Affirmative ActionJerry alleges Masked Singer vote was rigged. Stop the Steal!Musical guest: Darrin Hacquard
  • 386. The Morning After Elections Republicans Will Be Smiling: Jerry Won't: EP - 386

    The Morning After Elections Republicans Will Be Smiling: Jerry Won'tThe phenomenal and innovative outdoor artistic light show that lasts four nights in Cincinnati. Very Springer like endeavor. Might we get Jerry to run for mayor of Sarasota?Jene reminds us as Dems if we all turn out the vote, we can't lose and reverse the Roe vs. Wade decision. Call local political party headquarters or contact Get Out the Vote for Democrats. The Heavy Hitters are back as this week's musical guest!