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Amanda Sobhy with The SquashMind podcast - part 1

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  • Matt Gill

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to your next episode of the podcast series.Today, I welcome Matt Gill Instagram - - Gill is a multifaceted practitioner deeply rooted in the world of wellness and fitness. With a journey spanning over 15 years, Matt has not only mastered the art of yoga but has also become a certified breathwork coach with the Oxygen Advantage program. His expertise doesn’t stop there; he’s a mobility specialist certified in the Functional Range Conditioning system, a testament to his deep understanding of the human body's capabilities and limitations. Beyond his professional qualifications, Matt’s passion for racquet sports, notably squash and racquetball, showcases his dedication to not only teaching wellness but living it. His approach to wellness is holistic, integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enhance performance both on and off the court.Our conversation today dives deep into Matt’s journey from the squash courts of his youth to the yoga mats of India and beyond. Matt shares with us how an injury led him to explore the realms of yoga and mindfulness, transforming not just his recovery process but his approach to life and sport. His stories of personal growth and discovery are interwoven with practical advice on how we, too, can apply the principles of yoga, breathwork, and mobility to our daily lives and athletic pursuits.We delve into the specifics of how yoga and breathwork can elevate your game in squash and other high-intensity sports. Matt breaks down the scientific and intuitive aspects of breathing, mobility, and mindfulness, providing listeners with actionable steps to incorporate these practices into their training routines.Expect to uncover the symbiotic relationship between physical health and mental well-being as Matt expands on the profound impact of mindful practices on athletic performance. His insights into the integration of Eastern philosophies with Western science offer a refreshing perspective on holistic health and its benefits beyond the physical realm.Moreover, Matt gives us a sneak peek into ‘Yoga for Squash,’ his innovative approach to blending the dynamic demands of squash with the grounding practices of yoga. This unique fusion promises not just improved flexibility and strength but a deeper connection with one’s body and breath, unlocking new levels of performance and enjoyment in the sport.So, without further ado, let’s get into the show to help elevate your mental game in sports and life. Please welcome Matt Gill.
  • Tania Bailey

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  • Maxim Withers

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  • Nour El-Sherbini

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  • Allistair McCaw with the SquashMind podcast - part 1

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  • Tony Griffin

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  • Victor Crouin

    Grab Your Copy Of The Squash Playbook - ⚫️💨I'm excited to welcome my guest for today, Victor Crouin. A powerhouse in the world of squash, Victor is a top ten player renowned for his competitive spirit and exceptional victories on the Tour. Starting his career with a major win at the Open International d’Angers in 2017, he has never looked back, delivering consistent performances and bagging multiple titles year after year.While attending Harvard University, Victor saw an impressive winning streak on the Tour, including a triumphant run on Australian soil. He balanced his academics with a rigorous training regimen, his now-famous spreadsheets guiding his path to victory. His determination and strategic approach eventually paid off when he moved into the world's top ten rankings, a testament to his indomitable spirit and consistency in how he trains and behaves.In the 2022-2023 season, Victor's scintillating form continued, securing victories at significant tournaments, such as the Open de France de Squash, and making it to the finals of his first three tournaments. His second Bronze title win at the Squash On Fire Open and the qualification for the season-ending CIB PSA World Tour Finals solidify his reputation as a formidable force in squash. Not only this but making it to the final of the Qatar Open, his first Platinum ever final. In our insightful conversation, we reflect on Victor's incredible season, his journey from being number 20 rising to world number 7, and his preparation for the upcoming season. We delve into his early days, transitioning from tennis to squash at 11, and the dynamics of his father-coach relationship. We also explore his decision to attend Harvard, how he balanced his degree with top-tier performance on the PSA World Tour, and what this prestigious education brought to his career.I dive deeper into Victor's mental strategies, exploring how he handles pressure, starts matches on a strong note, and closes games out. As someone who has an in-depth understanding of his game and life, Victor's thoughts on these subjects are enlightening. Moreover, we discuss overall deep strategies about the mind from a young superstar who's improving at a rapid rate, both mentally and physically.We had such a great conversation but it does feel there is a part 2 coming to go even deeper with mental exploration with one of the best minds in the game right now! But until then, let's get into the conversation with the remarkable Victor Crouin.
  • Luke Butterworth

    Grab Your Copy Of The Squash Playbook - ⚫️💨Today, I am happy to introduce Luke Butterworth, a former player on the PSA World Tour, who has channeled his global competitive experience into becoming one of America's leading squash coaches.Luke currently serves as the National Junior Coach for TEAM USA. He previously held the role of Head Coach for the Paraguay National Squash Team, leading them to a historic medal at the 2011 Pan American Games. He is also the founder of LBSQUASH and currently holds the esteemed position of Director of Squash at Greenwich Academy. There, Luke has orchestrated the team's success, culminating in seven National Championships and he has a burning ambition for more!In our captivating conversation, we'll journey back to Luke's early days in Northern UK, exploring the foundations of his squash journey. We'll discuss what sparked his move to the US, and the prestigious coaching award he recently received.We'll delve into the fabric of Luke's coaching philosophy, his blueprint for success, and the reasons behind the triumphs of his players. He'll share invaluable advice for parents of young, talented players and identify some of the most prominent mental barriers holding players back.From discussing techniques for handling high-pressure moments to nurturing a player's confidence, Luke offers insightful guidance. We'll also delve into the importance of mental training for junior athletes, and the behaviours that distinguish the exceptional from the good.As we wrap up, we look ahead to the future of US junior squash, with Luke's informed perspective on the direction it's heading.Get ready to dive deep into the wisdom and experiences Luke Butterworth brings to our conversation. Without further ado, let's welcome the extraordinarily accomplished Luke Butterworth!
  • Mark Andrew Burke

    Grab Your Copy Of The Squash Playbook - ⚫️💨Today on the show I welcome Mark Andrew Burke,Mark is a proud Australian slash Belgian. He’s been involved in squash for 37 years and played on the PSA Tour until 2004, with a highest World Ranking of 97. He also represented the Belgian national team. He’s been coaching for the last 25+ years with a UKCC Level 3 certificate and a Masters degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Queensland.Mark was also National Coach of Luxembourg 4 years and then started at Cornell University in 2019 where he is now the Assistant Coach to the Men’s and Women’s Squash program. Both teams finished Top 8 in the 2023 season.His current role at Cornell combines his knowledge of coaching and mentoring players whilst building an inclusive and successful team culture.Mark and I have been friends for many years, so it was an absolute pleasure to sit down with him and discuss the incredible journey he's been on, and the positive impact he's making on the lives of young athletes.Our conversation delves into his role at Cornell University and we explore the fascinating story of how he arrived there. It's truly remarkable. We discuss his transition from Australia to Europe as a young aspiring pro, as well as the ups and downs that came with it. Mark paints a vivid picture of his experience as a young professional athlete, training diligently while also supplementing his daily expenses with coaching income. From early on, Mark was drawn to coaching, and found true joy and passion in it. He reflects on his ascent to the position of national coach for Luxembourg and the valuable learning experiences he gained there.We also touch on the topic of team culture at Cornell and the key elements required to build a successful collegiate team. David Palmer, the head of squash at Cornell, has played a significant role in Mark's life, both as a young athlete and now as a coach. Mark shares invaluable insights and wisdom on what it takes to thrive as a student-athlete in the high-pressure environment of US college squash.There's so much more to discuss that it feels like we're ready for a second episode, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy my engaging conversation with Mark Andrew Burke.