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Jefferson Parish Pulse

Creating Workforce Opportunities with Lisa Barback and Darrel Lewis

Season 5, Ep. 9

This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we interviewed Lisa Barback, Vice Chair of the Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board, and Darrel Lewis, the One Stop Operator for Jefferson Parish. They talked about the important work being driven by the Workforce Development Board and highlighted the many ways they are serving both job seekers and employers through their vast array of programs. They talked about their employee training programs, access to funding to support job opportunities, and what to expect at the newly reopened Jefferson Parish American Job Center at the Delgado River City Campus.

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Louisiana Works

My Life/My Way

Jefferson Parish American Job Center

Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board

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  • ReRun: The 5 C's of Financing with Dianne Sclafani

    This week on Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we're excited to rerelease an interview with Dianne Sclafani, a business consultant for the Louisiana Small Business Development Center. Dianne has helped guide many, many businesses to success over the years. She’s very good at helping business owners craft their business plans and secure financing. During the interview, Dianne talks about the 5 C’s of financing, how to secure access to capital, finding opportunity in the midst of challenges and the many ways that business owners can work with the LSBDC to start up, grow and thrive in Jefferson Parish and beyond.LEARN MORE ABOUT DIANNE SCLAFANIDianne is a business speaker, trainer, and consultant specializing in food businesses. She has over 25 years of practical experience in restaurants, foodservice, culinary education, and food manufacturing industries. Dianne has helped approximately 1,000 new and established local business owners strengthen and expand their businesses. She continues to consultant and coach many industries in developing loan packages and investment pitches. In 2015, she developed and instructed the first New Orleans Culinary Entrepreneur Training Program for Capital One’s Investment for Good Program. The following year she created the first Jazz and Heritage Foundation’s Catapult Culinary Entrepreneur Program in 2016, which was repeated in 2018. She also creates restaurant and food manufacturing seminars for the LSBDC clients across the State of Louisiana. Dianne was honored with the prestigious 2016 Louisiana SBDC State Star Award. Her passion is in building relationships with business owners to help them achieve their business vision for success.Learn more about the LSBDC here. Learn more about JEDCO’s Financing options here.Learn more about JEDCO here.
  • 5. Celebrating 85 Years in Business with Caplan Eye Clinic

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we feature an interview with Dr. Daniel Caplan, Medical Director and CEO of Caplan Eye Clinic, and his Director of Surgery, Dr. Brendon Sumich. Caplan Eye Clinic is the oldest eye care practice in the state of Louisiana. The small business, which has changed the lives of hundreds of patients since its inception, was founded in 1938 and is currently celebrating its 85th year in business. While it may the oldest eye care practice in the state, the clinic's focus is very much on the future.  Caplan strives to be the leader in eye care, offering the latest and greatest in technology to its patients. In fact, Caplan offers the only office-based cataract surgery suite in the state, drawing patients from all over Louisiana to utilize its quick, efficient, comfortable, and more affordable experience.Caplan was featured earlier this year on our social media channels. CLICK HERE to see inside Caplan Eye Clinic through this short Small Business Spotlight video. If you're interested in learning more, you can visit their website HERE.Learn more about JEDCO at
  • 4. Driving Industry Growth through Environmental Assessment with Jesse Hoppes

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse podcast powered by JEDCO, we feature an interview with Jesse Hoppes, co-owner of Leaaf Environmental, a recognized leader in soil, groundwater, and air quality investigations. Leaaf has a long history of minimizing environmental risk for its clients across the Gulf Coast. Jesse had lots to say about Leaaf's work in the Brownfield arena as well as why their work is so important to the economy, how Leaaf's stellar company culture helps attract and retain quality employees, and what makes Gretna a great place to do business.Want to learn more about Leaaf? CLICK HERE to visit their website.Interested in learning more about JEDCO? Visit for more information.
  • 3. Developing the 'One Drink' Dating App with with Bayleigh Frickey and Stephanie Hilton

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse podcast powered by JEDCO, we interview Stephanie Hilton and Bayleigh Frickey, the dynamic duo behind new dating app, The Meetery. Billed as the One-Drink Dating App, The Meetery encourages in-person connection over endless online chatting. Dates are just 30 minutes long – enough time for a drink or an appetizer (or both!) – in safe, public locations. Based in Jefferson Parish, The Meetery and its fantastic female founders are on the rise. During this episode, Bayleigh and Stephanie dive deep into what sets The Meetery apart from other dating apps, the inspiration behind their big idea, and what it has been like to start a business in Jefferson Parish.CLICK HERE to learn more about The Meetery.CLICK HERE to download the app! Follow The Meetery on Social Media:InstagramFacebookTwitterCLICK HERE to learn more about JEDCO!
  • 2. Creating Local Opportunities and Global Impact with Sam Briuglio

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we feature an interview with Sam Briuglio. Sam runs the Metairie office of Pond & Company, a full service architectural, engineering, and planning firm headquartered in Atlanta with offices all over the country. Pond’s Metairie office is the second largest office (behind the headquarters) and it’s driving gamechanging initiatives to a wide variety of high profile clients from right here. As Senior Vice President of the Federal Program, Sam leads a team of planning, design and geospatial professionals at multiple locations in addition to Metairie, including Huntsville, Colorado Springs, San Diego, and Atlanta. With contracts ranging from military bases in the South to locations within the Pacific Theater, The work that Sam and his team facilitate from the Metairie office has a far-reaching impact.On this episode of the Jefferson Parish Pulse, Sam talks about some of the latest work being done by the his dynamic team, many opportunities being afforded to the community by Pond’s presence in Jefferson Parish, and what he loves most about doing business here. We hope you enjoy! Learn more about Pond & Co. HERE. CLICK HERE to visit JEDCO's website.
  • 1. Creating Early Childhood Opportunities with Sarintha Stricklin

    This week on the Season 6 premier of the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we interview Dr. Sarintha Stricklin, the Executive Director of Jefferson Ready Start Network. Driven by the community’s need to improve opportunities and inspire change for children from birth to age five, this coalition of individuals is committed to creating and implementing a bold local vision for early childhood education and care. Dr. Stricklin has made it her mission to raise awareness about the need for more early childhood opportunities and to secure funding to bring early childhood care to all children in our Parish. On this episode of the podcast, Dr. Stricklin dives deep into the coalition’s mission and the data that is driving its activities, some of the latest initiatives designed to serve our community’s children, and how early childhood care and education directly impact economic development. Learn more about Jefferson Ready Start Network at learn about the programs available in the Ready Start Network, visit HERE to learn more about JEDCO.
  • 10. Building Homeownership Opportunities with Marguerite Oestreicher

    On this episode of the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we feature an interview with Marguerite Oestreicher, Executive Director of the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. Margurite and her team are driving new and impactful projects across Jefferson Parish. Habitat for Humanity, with support from its many partners, volunteers and donors, is helping to improve housing stock in the area and creating opportunities to make dreams of safe, affordable home ownership possible for more of our residents.Marguerite and talked about several major Habitat for Humanity projects happening in Jefferson Parish right now as well as the urgency surrounding the rebuild in Jean Lafitte, the power of partnerships, and how housing and economic development are directly tied together. CLICK HERE more information about New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. CLICK HERE to learn more about JEDCO.
  • 8. Leading the Jefferson Chamber into the future with Ruth Lawson

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we interview Ruth Lawson, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce President. The Jefferson Chamber is a Five-Star Accredited organization with a long history of advocating for, educating, and connecting the Jefferson Parish business community. Ruth stepped into the role of President less than a year ago. She has done a tremendous job of carrying the organization forward in its 25th year. We talked about the path that led Ruth to the Jefferson Chamber and the goals she has for the future of the organization. She spoke about how the Chamber works in tandem with JEDCO to support the economic health of the community, which includes a focus on workplace wellness, education, and quality of life. In her role, Ruth is driving advocacy and policy change that helps support and elevate the Jefferson Parish business community. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Jefferson Chamber. CLICK HERE to learn more about JEDCO.