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Susco Solutions

Season 2, Ep. 8

This week on Jefferson Parish Pulse, we interview Neel Sus, the founder and CEO of Susco. We talked about the importance of having a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, trends in the tech industry during the pandemic, and the value of company culture and engagement - especially right now. Neel offers excellent advice for work that all business leaders should be doing and he shares his thoughts on community resilience in the face of hardship.

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  • 10. Building Homeownership Opportunities with Marguerite Oestreicher

    On this episode of the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we feature an interview with Marguerite Oestreicher, Executive Director of the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. Margurite and her team are driving new and impactful projects across Jefferson Parish. Habitat for Humanity, with support from its many partners, volunteers and donors, is helping to improve housing stock in the area and creating opportunities to make dreams of safe, affordable home ownership possible for more of our residents.Marguerite and talked about several major Habitat for Humanity projects happening in Jefferson Parish right now as well as the urgency surrounding the rebuild in Jean Lafitte, the power of partnerships, and how housing and economic development are directly tied together. CLICK HERE more information about New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. CLICK HERE to learn more about JEDCO.
  • 9. Creating Workforce Opportunities with Lisa Barback and Darrel Lewis

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we interviewed Lisa Barback, Vice Chair of the Jefferson Parish Workforce Development Board, and Darrel Lewis, the One Stop Operator for Jefferson Parish. They talked about the important work being driven by the Workforce Development Board and highlighted the many ways they are serving both job seekers and employers through their vast array of programs. They talked about their employee training programs, access to funding to support job opportunities, and what to expect at the newly reopened Jefferson Parish American Job Center at the Delgado River City Campus. LINKS from today's show: Louisiana Works My Life/My WayJefferson Parish American Job CenterJefferson Parish Workforce Development Board And don't miss the next Informational Session for employers, training providers, and community organizations, scheduled for September 21, 2022. There are two sessions you can choose from: 9am-10:30am1pm-2:30pm Both at the JEDCO Conference Center Email to sign up. Walk-ins welcome. Learn more about JEDCO here.
  • 8. Leading the Jefferson Chamber into the future with Ruth Lawson

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we interview Ruth Lawson, Jefferson Chamber of Commerce President. The Jefferson Chamber is a Five-Star Accredited organization with a long history of advocating for, educating, and connecting the Jefferson Parish business community. Ruth stepped into the role of President less than a year ago. She has done a tremendous job of carrying the organization forward in its 25th year. We talked about the path that led Ruth to the Jefferson Chamber and the goals she has for the future of the organization. She spoke about how the Chamber works in tandem with JEDCO to support the economic health of the community, which includes a focus on workplace wellness, education, and quality of life. In her role, Ruth is driving advocacy and policy change that helps support and elevate the Jefferson Parish business community. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Jefferson Chamber. CLICK HERE to learn more about JEDCO.
  • 7. Opening Crawlins Seafood with Jimmy Nguyen

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we interviewed Jimmy Nguyen, founder and owner of Crawlins Seafood, a new Viet-Cajun seafood restaurant based in Terrytown. The business serves up heaping platters of boiled and fried  seafood, poboys, gumbos, and a rotating lunch menu of specialty items, ranging from red beans and rice and spaghetti and meatballs. Jimmy, a hairstylist-turned restauranteur, worked with JEDCO to launch his new business, bringing to life his longtime dream of owning a restaurant. JEDO team financed approximately 65% of the project. The loan covered purchase of new equipment, leasehold improvements, working capital and inventory costs. Crawlins helped create 15 new jobs in Jefferson Parish. We recorded the interview at Crawlins Seafood, a brightly lit gathering space with a floor-to-ceiling mural depicting key New Orleans landmarks. The business was open at the time, so you may hear the sounds of a swinging kitchen door throughout the interview - among other kitchen sounds. Jimmy talked about how he went from styling hair to running a restaurant, the importance of celebrating his Vietnamese culture through his recipes, and what visitors should try when they stop by Crawlins for lunch or dinner. Follow Crawlins on social media: InstagramFacebookYelpLearn more about JEDCO at
  • 6. Driving Dynamic Initiatives with Annalisa Kelly

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse, we interviewed Annalisa Kelly, JEDCO Director of Strategic Initiatives and Policy. On any single day, Annalisa may be digging into a project that supports one of Jefferson Parish's targeted industry clusters or focuses in on enhancing transit options for our workforce - and everything in between. Annalisa has hand in many projects - big developments, housing enhancements, new programs for the local seafood industry, transit, Brownfield assessment, and so much more. Annalisa shared some of the major projects she's been working on in recent years and highlighted some of her favorite projects. Annalisa brings a unique perspective and a deep enthusiasm for her work to the organization. Because of that, she has become a key player in the regional economic development industry. Biz New Orleans Magazine took note of Annalisa's role in enhancing the local economy and named her one of the region's most New and Notable leaders, class of 2022. Way to go, Annalisa! New & Notables Article linked HERE. Learn more about JEDCO at
  • 5. At the HEART of the Jefferson Parish Economy with Kate Wendel

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we feature an interview with Kate Wendel, Director of Economic and Workforce Development for JEDCO. Kate has been on the JEDCO team for over five years. She oversees the Economic Development Services Department, or as it was recently rebranded, HEART. The acronym - Hub for Expansion, Attraction, Retention, and Talent - conveys a multi-layer approach to economic development, one that spans everything from recruitment efforts to workforce training. Kate talked about the meaning behind the new brand and how that work impacts businesses across the parish. She also discussed some of her favorite projects, what it's like to have a "JEDCO HEART to HEART," and the many assets that set Jefferson Parish apart from other communities. For more information about HEART, visit the webpage at If you'd like to connect with Kate, email or call 504.875.3908.
  • 4. Creating the Wine House of the Future with Kyle Gregore

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse, JEDCO features an interview with Kyle Gregore, co-founder of Stained Glass Wine House. This military-owned and woman-owned business is a customer-centric, community-focused wine bar based in downtown historic Gretna. The business, which founders say is "upscale, not pretentious", offers a comfortable gathering space where visitors can connect with friends and taste wine from around the world. Kyle talked about how the business came to be, lessons learned after a year of operation, and what it’s like to do business in the City of Gretna. He even offered up a few of his favorite wine and spirit recommendations. Interested in learning more about Stained Glass Wine House? Follow them on social media or check out their website. Links below. WebsiteFacebookInstagram TikTok To learn more about JEDCO, visit our website at
  • 3. Building Bemana's North American Headquarters with Linn Atiyeh

    This week on the Jefferson Parish Pulse, JEDCO features an interview with Linn Atiyah, the founder and CEO of Bemana. Founded locally in 2014, Bemana is a recruitment firm specializing in finding and matching the right employees with a long list of equipment, power generation, and industrial businesses across the country. Clients include the nation's leading equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers, service and repair companies, and industrial end-users. Linn and Kelsey talked about how the business found its unique focus, the value of good company culture, and where Bemana is headed in the future. Bemana Website: LINKED HERE JEDCO Website: LINKED HERE
  • 2. Bringing New Business to Jefferson Parish with Janet Galati

    On this episode of the Jefferson Parish Pulse powered by JEDCO, we're excited to introduce you to Janet Galati. Janet is JEDCO's Director of Industry Recruitment, a newly-created position to help bring jobs and investment to Jefferson Parish. Janet started out as JEDCO's Strategic Initiatives Specialist over 3.5 years ago and moved into this new role earlier this year. On the show, Janet talks about creating community champions to help Jefferson Parish's story. She also dives deep into the many assets that make Jefferson Parish a global destination for business. Visit JEDCO's website here.