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Jake Hamilton | Special Ops

Rogue Soldier | Ep. 2

Season 1, Ep. 2

Colonel Jake Hamilton receives a distressing call about an active shooter at Walter Reed Medical Center. Shocked to learn it might be one of his former team members, Tom Stone, a troubled explosives specialist, he recalls their intertwined past. Inside the medical center, Tom makes a fateful decision, leaving a tense standoff with the media waiting outside. The story continues with gripping uncertainty and danger, leaving everyone wondering how it will all unfold.

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    In a world where loyalty is tested and the truth lies buried beneath a web of deception... One man will venture into the shadows, his past shrouded in mystery, his actions driven by betrayal. From Emmy-nominated director Robert Child, author of gripping military tales comes a new heart-pounding audio thriller series: "Rogue Soldier."Meet Thomas Stone, a once-dedicated Special Forces Marine, who finds himself torn between duty and vengeance when he's cast aside and thrust into the clandestine world of CIA Black Ops. As a covert operative, he unravels a sinister government cover-up, one that has cost the lives of countless American soldiers. Forced into a perilous mission to erase an archive of damning secrets at Walter Reed National Military Hospital, Stone makes a life-altering decision that changes the game forever. Abandoning the mission and taking hostages to secure his own survival, he becomes the hunted, marked for elimination by the very agency he once served.Enter Jake Hamilton, Stone's former commander and a man torn between duty and friendship. As he races against time to negotiate an end to the crisis, he uncovers Stone's dark secret, a revelation that leaves him questioning everything he thought he knew. Loyalty to the country clashes with the pursuit of justice, leading to an electrifying confrontation where the fate of a nation hangs in the balance.Join us on a pulse-pounding journey through deception and redemption in "Rogue Soldier." Unravel the threads of conspiracy, explore the depths of sacrifice, and experience the ultimate test of loyalty. Coming July 25th. Subscribe now, and be ready to dive into the heart-stopping world of "Special Ops." "Rogue Soldier," an 8-part audio thriller series that will leave you on the edge of your seat, produced by RSC Media Group.
  • 1. Rogue Soldier | Ep. 1

    In a darkened apartment, former Marine Tom Stone excels in the online gaming world, but his real-life assignments are far more dangerous. As he awaits a new mission, memories of his past and his path into the world of Black Ops haunt him. Today, he is faced with an unprecedented challenge—erasing records from the secure Walter Reed Military Hospital. The gravity of the mission dawns on Tom as he realizes the true implications of his assignment. With his sister and her children's lives hanging in the balance, he must decide whether to carry out the CIA's ruthless plan or find another way out.
  • 3. Rogue Soldier | Ep. 3

    In the depths of Walter Reed Medical Center, CIA operative Larson receives a scathing reprimand for Tom Stone's betrayal and a mission gone awry. The CIA, considering the hostages as expendable, orders Larson to eliminate Stone by any means necessary. As Larson grapples with his loyalty to the fellow military hostages and the orders from his superiors, he resolves to act swiftly, hoping to find a way to save lives while navigating the delicate negotiations. Lives hang in the balance as Larson prepares to take decisive action, but the path to a different outcome remains uncertain.
  • 4. Rogue Soldier | Ep. 4

    In a high-stakes standoff at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Tom Stone, a former Marine demolitions expert, holds hostages. FBI negotiators try to defuse the situation while Tom anxiously waits for Marine negotiator, Jake Hamilton, to arrive. As time ticks by, Tom reflects on his past with Jake and the choices that led him to this point. The impending arrival of Jake's team raises hopes for a resolution, but the uncertainty of the outcome weighs heavily on everyone involved.
  • 5. Rogue Soldier | Ep. 5

    As the standoff at Walter Reed intensifies, Jake Hamilton faces a critical moment in negotiations with his former comrade Tom Stone. The fate of six hostages hung in the balance, and the tension between them is palpable. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jake, CIA operative Larson is secretly monitoring the situation from the shadows, preparing to take action. As the clock ticks, the room is filled with uncertainty and the weight of unresolved motives, leaving everyone on edge. Little do Jake and Larson know that their paths are about to collide in a dangerous and unexpected manner, threatening to shatter the fragile balance they are trying to maintain.