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Jacobin Radio w/ Suzi Weissman: Victory at Starbucks, Struggle at Kellogg's

Suzi talks with John Logan about the unionization victory at Starbucks in Buffalo, and the continuing Kellogg Co. strike: workers rejected the agreement and Kellogg's said it will permanently replace the workforce. Since that announcement, Kellogg's has been flooded with bogus job applications. John's most recent piece on the Starbucks victory appeared in The Conversation: “Union Battles At Amazon And Starbucks Are Hot News—Which Can Only Be Good For The Labor Movement.” They talk about the victories and upsets, campaigns, strikes, and battles ahead—all part of the renewed militancy we are seeing, this time with public support. Richard Bensinger, lead organizer in the Starbucks campaign told Lauren Kaori Gurley: “This is a stunning victory that proclaims that Gen Z is Generation Union.”

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