A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal


#310: Calmatic

This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, it was only right to celebrate episode 310 by getting on the phone with Los Angeles' own, the Grammy Award-winning and Academy Award-holding director and storyteller Calmatic! Cal, a new father, talks about where his heart, soul and being are at after the last two weeks, where his mind's been since Nipsey Hussle's tragic passing last year, and what kind of hope he has for his son's generation in America. Cal takes us through growing up in Inglewood, his love for the West Coast, his obsession with baseball and his dreams of playing college ball, how music started speaking to him and he started speaking through music, why the blogs weren't his community of choice, how he broke the news to his parents that finishing college wasn't going to be the move, how he hustled his art and design career while holding down jobs such as a park ranger, how a chance encounter with Spike Jonze and seeing how he operated inspired a new path in life, the crazy story of how he got his first DSLR camera, how he leveled up his productions, what directing a Vic Mensa music video meant for his budget, his legacy-building work as part of OverDoz., how he first met Chris Rock, the entire experience directing Lil Nas X's Old Town Road video, what winning a Grammy means, understanding what he's brought to the table for the last decade as an LA artist, what the future holds, and much more!

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