A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal


#275: Trinidad Jame$ Part 1

This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome musician, cultural trendsetter, fashion boundary-pusher, sneaker commentator and connoisseur, and basketball lifer Trinidad Jame$ to the Upper West Side for Part 1 of this multi-episode podcast! Trinidad, with great humor and much perspective looks back at the viral monster that was All Gold Everything, from its conception to seeing it rocket out of Atlanta to taking over New York City's Santos Party Haus for the most celebrated performance in years, as well as the severe downturn that came after parting ways with Def Jam and New York City souring on Trinidad after his words were taken the wrong way, and the amazing way he bounced back to begin his latest and most exciting chapter. We dive into his humble beginnings in Atlanta by-way-of Trinidad & Tobago, the quiet high schooler he was, what gambling meant to him, how working at Waffle House changed his perspective, how losing his job and his green card left him broke but also creatively driven and how it ultimately gave him the confidence to shine as Trinidad Jame$. We talk how ahead of the curve he was on Drake's music, camo shorts, and snapback hats, the presence he had throughout the Atlanta streetwear scene, why he ultimately had to leave the boutique he made poppin', and the excitement that came from putting his all into making S.A.F.E. All that, plus his stint in jail, the insane number of features he put together in 2013, what Two9 meant to his path, how he became cool with A$AP Mob, how he turned the internet off and Netflix on, finding out about Bruno Mars' 24k Magic, who exactly looked out when he was down on his luck, and so much more!!

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