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It's A Thing

Taking the Medicine and Tacking One On - It's a Thing 297

Ep. 297

Molly, Tom, and Producer Rich look back at our predictions for 2023 and make new ones for 2024.

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  • 313. The Spider Wasn't Being Driven - It's a Thing 313

    Tom sees the natural evolution of a 7-year old and Molly finds the ultimate Gen X callback. Then Tom finds the music thing of the week, while Molly thinks there's trouble in sleeping paradise.LINKS:Sleep Divorce Grimes at CoachellaBeavis and Butthead
  • 312. The Late Stage Capitalism of Innovation - It's a Thing 312

    Tom rides the hype wave and Molly finds the tattoo upgrade path. Then Tom sings the praises of singer-songwriters, while Molly naturally finds wine is a thing.Warning: Most eclipse talk will be in the bonus content for patrons.LINKS:Upscale temporary tattoosNatural WineHype CurveSinger-Songwriters
  • 311. WHOOP, There's Your Score - It's a Thing 311

    Tom takes the plunge and Molly takes score of fitness. Then Tom bets on a baseball thing, while Molly lights up a thing. LINKS:WHOOP recovery scoresSmokingCold Plunges  
  • 310. All Aboard the Skinship - It's a Thing 310

    Tom is getting all touchy feely and Molly is over the 90s. Then Tom finds the silver lining in a bad experience while Molly books her next trip.LINKS:SkinshipWilly Wonka ExperienceColumbiaDone with the 90s
  • 309. Do Not Disturb The Peace - It's a Thing 309

    Tom declares phraseology bankruptcy on a Vegas thing and Molly rejects not being disturbed. Then Tom finds a boozy way to guild the lily, while Molly is afraid of getting chosen by a cat. Plus love might be blind, but it's still a thing.LINKS:DND RejectionCat Distribution"Residency"Boozy Ice Cream
  • 308. Living in a World of Fandom - It's a Thing 308

    Tom finds that genres are done and Molly indulges in the royal thing of things. Then Tom has the new car etiquette, while Molly gets vocal about budgeting. LINKS:Loud Budgetting Death of Genre
  • 307. An Unplanned Confluence of Awesome Sauce - It's a Thing 307

    Tom is living in the past today and Molly supplements a rebranded thing. Then Tom has a music thing 40-years in the making, while Molly has the hits the moms like. LINKS:AG1 Moms love Olivia Rodrigo Long 2014 Zenana 
  • Who Eschews the Snooze? - It's a Thing 306

    Tom gets physical with a floppy thing and Molly has some marriage questions. Then Tom finds academic proof of euphemism, while Molly sets some alarms.LINKS:Who TF Did I MarryiPhon AlarmsFloppy Disk Music Linguistically Hammered
  • 305. This Thing Literally Slaps - It's a Thing 305

    Tom finds a thing that literally slaps and Molly takes a LooksMaxxing at a new thing. Then Tom is searching for a word for the new selfie trend, while Molly recognizes the thingness of delulu. Plus we acknowledge country Queen Bey. LINKS: LooksMaxxingDeluluPower Slap.5 Selfie