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It's A Thing

Orcas Falling Down Moment - It's a Thing 267

Ep. 267

Tom documents the carnage of the Orca Wars and Molly sees people putting together their roster. Then Tom finds the double click mindshare, while Molly strikes at the shadows. 

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  • 284. How Often Do You Think About Car Washes - It's a Thing 284

    Producer Rich filled in for Molly this week, talking about why we may be post-car wash and Tom is all about backpacks. Then Rich finds how he'll stay warm this winter while Tom is thinking about antiquity. LINKS:Car WashesSquare BackbackRoman EmpireSweaters
  • 283. Have Clips, Will Travel - It's a Thing 283

    Tom and Molly are traveling, so enjoy our second ever clip show! We tried to put together some of the things we either really nailed, were early on, or were just plain fun. Enjoy!
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    Tom discovers that actual Dear Abby is still a thing and Molly puts a thing on the map. Then Tom hits an unnerving reset, while Molly loves the bad bleeps. Get the transcript here.LINKS:Map MemesBleepsDear AbbyVagus Nerves
  • 280. Gross Ass Booze Photography - It's A Thing 280

    Tom extends the spectrum of nepo babies and Molly finds her dating icks. Then Tom is undecided on brunch, while Molly leads us on to a new dating thing.Get the transcript here.LINKS:
  • 279. This Is Not Reality Show - It's a Thing 279

    Tom solves the mystery of functional foods and Molly finds the summer show that's the subject matter for every Olivia Rodrigo song. Then Tom finds a viral crime trend, while Molly has a rant about reality shows.  LINKS:Flash RobThe summer I turned pettyFunctional FoodEating alone
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    Tom finds the the hottest clothing trend and Molly drops some acid. Then Tom drinks the Rosé Kool-Aid, while Molly finds a streaming sensation.Get the transcript here.
  • 277. The Future (Already In Progress) - It's a Thing 277

    Tom tops the charts with New Jeans and Molly finds the new flying apparel. Then Tom is getting ahead of his snowy mountain descent conveyance while Molly finds a interesting new energy source. Get the transcript here.LINKS:New JeansCompression gearBlack Air Force energy
  • 276. In The Ancient Times (2021) - It's a Thing 276

    Tom settles in on n embarrassment of slang thing and Molly finds me Highlights from Gen Z. Then today finds a thing the way it should be done, while Molly is all in on the girl dinner. Get the transcript here.LINKS:Me Highlights Girl Dinner