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It's A Thing

Capitalism Comes For The Autumn - It's a Thing 288

Ep. 288

Tom gyatt a new thing to him and Molly hits on the new math. Then Tom finds the highest pastry in the land, while Molly puts Halloween to bed. 


Spooky Season

Girl Math


Supreme Croissant

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  • 305. This Thing Literally Slaps - It's a Thing 305

    Tom finds a thing that literally slaps and Molly takes a LooksMaxxing at a new thing. Then Tom is searching for a word for the new selfie trend, while Molly recognizes the thingness of delulu. Plus we acknowledge country Queen Bey. LINKS: LooksMaxxingDeluluPower Slap.5 Selfie
  • 304. Men Are Welcome Until They Die - It's a Thing 304

    Tom says yes Maas to a book thing and Molly finds the community of the future. Then Tom finds the spork of plates while Molly finds her soul dog. Plus Squishmallows are such a thing that they are litigious. Spoiler alert: Tom talks about the setting of the current season of Fargo. There are no real spoilers. LINKS:Tiny House CommunitiesSoul Dogs
  • Tom fought in the Rumi Wars - It's a Thing 303

    Tom appreciates a thing tendril from Taylor Swift and Molly has the ultimate comeback thing. Then Tom changes chords, while Molly recognizes the beverage version of a hookah. LINKS: Watch chokerJohn Cage OrganKava BarsRumi
  • 302. Spray Candy Is My Roman Empire - It's a Thing 302

    Tom finds a new sugar distribution method and Molly is into the sweater coords. Then Tom writes in on a new thing, while Molly welcomes in a new thing into retail life. LINKS:Cursive "Welcome In" Matching Sweaters
  • 301. Little Treats Mission Creep - It's a Thing 301

    Tom is hitting different and Molly is giving herself a little treat. Then Tom jumps onboard the good ship situation, while Molly finds mom's reacting to maximalism. LINKS:Little TreatsSad Beige MomsSituationship
  • 300. Bearly Pornish - It's a Thing 300

    Tom has a sticky feeling about a new thing and Molly is bearish on a new ad campaign. Then Tom gets on record with a new superpower, while Molly is seeing yellow for a new dog toy. Links:Jeremy ALlen White adNew Yorker cartoonYellow duck toy
  • 299. Smut Rising - It's a Thing 299

    Tom and Molly were live together at CES 2024 digging into all the hot things for the new year. Come for the micro-cows and latest fashion trends, stay for the reverse harems and Indian whiskey. LINKS:Reverse HaremsMicro-cowsIndian WhiskeyTexture
  • 298. Let's All Go To The Bullpen - It's a Thing 298

    Molly and Tom start off the New Year by cleaning out the bullpen. What wonders of potential things from 2023 that didn't quite make it to the show will be there? New acronyms, fashion, food, and more! YOU MUST LISTEN TO FIND OUT!
  • 297. Taking the Medicine and Tacking One On - It's a Thing 297

    Molly, Tom, and Producer Rich look back at our predictions for 2023 and make new ones for 2024.