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A show about things that is itself a thing.

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  • 294. In Your Mouth With Consent - It's a Thing 294

    Tom thinks Oreo is the new flavor trend and Molly finds the latest hair thing. Then Tom is tipping back a new beauty drink, while Molly finds the dating trend for our busy lives. LINKS:Foam Rollers Stack Dating Oreos Drinking Collagen

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  • 293. All You Need Is A Little Light - It's a Thing 293

    Tom doses on some microgreens and Molly shares a leftover thing. Then Tom and Molly form Connections over Spotify Wrapped.  Get the episode here.Links:MicrogreensFancy leftoversBurlington, VTConnections
  • 292. Consuming Creed - It's a Thing 292

    This episode has it all, butt rock, Gen Z dating trends, a new herb, and the verbiage to keep you current!LINKS:AshwagandaThe CreedeningAteGen Z Dating
  • 291. The Bag for the Season - It's a Thing 291

    Molly and Tom are back! This week they are talking the only holiday movies that matter, spicy fantasy, bags and the hottest fashion portmanteau.LINKS:Hallmark Holiday MoviesFourth WingShackletThe Bag
  • 61. Bonus Bonus: A Pea Milk Tasting

    No new show this week, so decided to share some of our bonus content from the archives. This is ordinarily available to our patrons at the It's a Help and above tiers. This was from 2019 when we all decided to try pea milk. It was a simpler time. If you want to listen to the episode we recorded in between the bonus content, check it out here. 
  • 290. Tip Your Hat To A Javelina - It's a Thing 290

    Producer Rich steps in to talk with Tom about Team Javelina, the latest beach bag, the latest hat hotness, and recognizing our era. LINKS:Team Javelina Bogg Bag ripoffs Literary Hats My era
  • 289. Slow Grow And It's Back - It's a Thing 287

    Tom needs to plant his thing flag in a bakery thing and Molly leaves a light on for her holiday thing. Then Tom finds kids want TV to be less thirsty, while Molly low key is all about gnocchi. LINKS:The Halloween LightsGnocchiGen Z Sensibilities