It's Not A Crisis


Annie Potts: Wise Women Over 50

Ep. 20

Today we continue our Wise Women Over 50 Series with my friend, Annie Potts. Annie shares her life experience as a woman, a mother with a formidable career, and a wife, while we try to feed off of her amazing energy and wisdom. We share the funny story of how we met, as well as both my son’s and her son’s ADHD and her overall love and respect for women, equality and change. We laugh a lot too!

Annie Potts is an award winning Hollywood actress, staring in many well known shows and movies, like “Young Sheldon”, “Designing Women”, "Pretty in Pink", "Ghostbusters", “Love & War”, “Toy Story” and many more. She is also a Broadway actress, a board member and drama professor Stephens College in Missouri, an ambassador for White Pony Express and a children’s book author. She and her husband, director/producer Jim Hayman joined another industry couple to form “All Are One,” an organization created to alleviate the suffering of so many folks during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Their focus is to gather donations to gift anonymously to people in need.  The initiative kicked off in Northern California and is now expanding across the country.

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