It's Not A Crisis


Understanding Generational Differences

Ep. 23

Welcome back to another episode! This one is as interesting and educational as it is fun. Have you ever wondered why your mentality is so different from other generations? We’ll try to find out how we can manage to understand and communicate within the relationships that we have in our lives, with our children, our parents, coworkers, employers and so on.

Generational expert Meagan Johnson is joining us in this episode to share her analysis and insights regarding each generation’s sign posts - basically what defines their thinking. You’ll learn more about the behaviour of Baby Boomers, Gen X’s, Millenials and even our beloved children, Gen Z’s.

Meagan is a “Generational Humorist” and challenges her audiences to think differently and act decisively when dealing with multiple generations. She is also a talented public speaker and each one of her presentations is packed full of amazing information and the funniest jokes.

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