It's Not A Crisis


PMDD & Perimenopause - Part 2

Ep. 12

Doryn shares her journey and challenges with PMDD - Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. PMDD is a severe form of premenstrual syndrome that includes physical and behavioral symptoms that usually resolve with the onset of menstruation.

PMDD causes extreme mood shifts that can disrupt work and damage relationships. Symptoms include extreme sadness, hopelessness, irritability, or anger, plus common premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as breast tenderness and bloating. Drugs and lifestyle changes may help.

By sharing her story, Doryn hopes to reach other women so that they will reach out to their healthcare professionals and seek help and not be ashamed. With more women telling their stories, it hopefully brings more research and information for the future of our daughters and grandchildren. If you have found ways to resolve your PMDD, please reach out. DM on Instagram (@itsnotacrisispodcast) or email

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