It's Not A Crisis


Normalizing Grief

Ep. 13

In this episode, Doryn is joined by Litsa Williams of What’s Your Grief as they discuss what defines grief and the way that everybody goes through it. Grief is not what people traditionally think it is. It’s much more than suffering from the loss of a loved one. It’s actually a transition, much like midlife. This episode will open up a whole new perspective on what grief is and how it works through various stages of life.

Litsa Williams is a cofounder of the grief community What's Your Grief. She has been working in the field of grief and loss for 12 years before founding this community. What's Your Grief offers in-person support, including workshops, trainings and support groups, plus online support, including articles on all topics around grief and loss, a weekly podcast and online courses.

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Make sure to access What's Your Grief online resources. Litsa was kind enough to set up a discount code for our listeners, so make sure to use the coupon code "itsnotacrisis" for 20% off.

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