It's Not A Crisis


Boundaries in Relationships

Ep. 27

Welcome back to another episode on relationships where, this time, we talk about boundaries. I’m joined again by Mazi Robinson, who was also a guest on episode 5, and this time she shares her wisdom with us on what boundaries are, how you can set them in different types of relationships, how sometimes lack of reaction is can be a boundary you set and what the role of forgiveness is in our conflicts.

Mazi Robinson is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta specializing in helping women discover their true voice as they navigate women’s issues, healthy relationships, self worth, personal growth and development, leadership development, living with purpose, life stage transitions, and motherhood. She is so wise and insightful and I’m grateful to have her back on the show.

You can get in touch with Mazi at @cultivateatlanta

Also check out the book she mentions: Beyond Boundaries

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