It Is Complicated


Value is Complicated

Season 1, Ep. 27

Value is complicated - How do we value ourselves and each other in an imperfect world that all too often undervalues us? We talk about how to value our time, each other, our differences and our similarities. 


We talk about mutually valuing is a wonderful way to exchange what we value in each other. And we also talk about making sure that we are not undervalued when making those exchanges.


We know it can be really hard to value ourselves, so please know that we value you. And we take a little over 30 minutes this week to tell you just how and why.

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Image Description - Two people face a large microphone - on the left wearing glasses with blue hair is a person who is some version of non-Binary - they have a heart shaped necklace - on the right wearing glasses and bright red lipstick with white hair is a trans woman with a circular necklace - the mic between them is large retro and chrome styled. Above both of them are the words It Is Complicated

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