It Is Complicated

Josephine Baird and Dr J are contrary beings, where the answer to every question is "it's complicated", what might seem to be simple topics, like name, age, pronouns, or more complex ideas like games, brains, pain and anger - are all treated with gentle discussion.

Josephine is an independent scholar, activist and artist - and is a "Queer without portfolio - because ... unemployment"

Dr J has the job title "Harbinger of Change" at ThoughtWorks, the gender "Transgressive Non-Binary GenderQueer" and is a Troublemaker and #queernuisance  - "because ... branding".

They talk through topics from their various viewpoints - in a careful, kind and generally amusing way - even when there is pain there is laughter - because ... dark.

Exposure is great - it doesn’t put food on the table. If you want to put food on our tables -

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Dr J Harrison

I represent the self defining future - My job title is 'Harbinger of Change' and my gender is 'Transgressive Non-Binary GenderQueer' (yes officially, I have all the paperwork for it!). I work at ThoughtWorks as Service Designer/ Business Analyst and I bring queer theory (with a slice of humour) into the tech space. Troublemaker. #queernuisance

Josephine Baird

Josephine Baird regularly makes a spectacle of herself as an independent scholar, activist, performance and visual artist. More of her goings on can be found at