It Happened Here

It Happened Here (IHH) is a weekly true crime podcast from Ready Freddie Productions, presented by South African journalist Kate Thompson Davy.

The creators of IHH intend this to be a true crime podcast that centres victims and survivors, that peers into the psychology at play, and scratches that crime and grime itch we all sometimes have. Having said that, we do not want to produce 'gore porn' or glorify the criminals we speak about. That is a guiding value of ours, as well as: 

  • Sex work is work. 
  • My body, my choice. 
  • Trans and black lives matter. 
  • And f*ck your feminism if it isn’t intersectional. 

If that doesn’t work for you, that’s your call (do better!), but this is not the podcast you are looking for. I’m sure we will fall short of these values at some point, because we’re all flawed and unlearning prejudices. Please do let us know when we go wrong (, but also, please be gentle. Remember good hearts, bad moments. We are trying our best. 

What listeners had to say:

Marvelous *****

Jul 9, 2021, lilmamaeverts

"This podcast is so amazing… from the podcasters voice to the way she tells the stories. Episode 2 had me in tears, but I felt the way she presented the case was so thoughtful. And I appreciate she doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects that NEED a light shine on them!"

Right up there with the best *****

Jul 5, 2021, Millie Moopop's Mummy

"Fab true crime podcast. I’ve never listened to much South African crime and find it fascinating. Subject matter is dealt with sensitively and the research has clearly been done with the utmost attention to detail. To top it off, the host has a voice born for podcasts! Can’t wait to see how this podcast develops."

Kate Thompson Davy