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S1 Ep 6: Jo Grindley - can this Islander bring the America’s Cup home?

Season 1, Ep. 6

Our guest this week on the podcast this week is Gurnard local Jo Grindley - a woman at the very top of her game in the world of professional sports marketing and management. She’s long been the commercial brains behind Sir Ben Ainslie and is now Chief Marketing and Commercial Operator of the British America’s Cup Team, as well as running her own sports marketing company, based in Cowes.

On returning home from work: ‘When I come back to the Island, this calmness descends’

On raising £££ for the British America’s Cup team: ‘When we started we didn’t have a desk, a pen, a building, nothing… so you were selling a dream’

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Hosted by Harriet Hadfield

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